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  1. My experience with sleep meds has been variable, but Lunesta eventually did work for me. Initially, when I started the whole med exploration route, I used Trazadone, but this was most effective alone, without other meds. When I started adding mood stabilizers and antidepressants to the mix, trazadone interacted unfavorably. I had blurry vision, nausea, hangover, etc. I had tried Ambien, but found that I developed a tolerance to it very quickly. I had even tried meds developed for Parkinsons (Requip, Stalevo)--no luck. At first, Lunesta did not work for me, but that was at a dose of 2mg at bedtime. Increasing the dosage to 3mg before bedtime made all the difference. I do have the metallic taste in my mouth (didn't have this at 2mg), and this has persisted for a while. My sleep has been immediate, uninterrupted, and refreshing. No hangover feeling when waking. If you are not responding to Lunesta, you may want to experiment with different dosages. Good luck, Molly Mirrorshades
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