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  1. Hahaha, this thread WILL NOT DIE for me. No siree. http://gizmodo.com/adobes-creative-cloud-has-already-been-pirated-514563307
  2. I can go 15 seconds with anything.--Gary Busey

    1. meganhalley


      Also: Xanax is a little village in Mexico. I learn so much from Gary Busey!

  3. I think most people here would advise you against disclosing to anyone at work. I think being able to focus was one of my bigger problems that affected my functioning during mania. I would try to get as much "dark time" as I could--lying on my bed in a dark room, no screens or noise. If I thought I could handle it, I would listen to some soothing music--nothing activating, but sometimes even the littlest bit would just spin me 'round. If you can't sleep, it's important to get some down time. The other thing I would do would be to create lists. They got a little meticulous, and you have to really force yourself to DO those things on your list--just writing them down doesn't mean they're done (no matter how much I want them to be). I would set "check-in" times for myself--every 15 minutes or so--to make sure I was on-task. I also spent a little time at the beginning of my day each day getting the list set up. Each break I took, I made sure the list was accurate and updated. Sometimes, I would add things that weren't necessary, and I could remove those, or (more likely) you find that you have to add things. I guess the last thing for me was to make sure that I took my breaks religiously. I had at least a 5 min break every 2 hours, and sticking with that helped me stick it out when things got weird. If I felt like everything was just too much, I knew the MOST I had to do was 2 hours (at a time), and that helped me not get overwhelmed. All of that being said (and I'm a big fan of trying to stick it out at work), what would you do if you had pneumonia? Putting yourself under stress when you're ill--no matter what kind of ill--is hard on a body and the mind. It also takes longer for you to "heal". Oh, one last thing: I always had a "reason" for why I was acting off. Most of the time, I could realize when I was symptomatic, and I always would lie and say that I had too much coffee or that I was put on some weird antibiotic or sleep-deprivation or something. Most people don't know about medications to know off the top of their head what potential side-effects are, and even if they did, there are always weird side effects that no one mentions. Having some little excuse that I could flip out helped when I got looks.
  4. I saw this and had a good laugh. I probably should get this card for all of my family. http://shop.theoatmeal.com/products/toilet-spiders-greeting-card
  5. The only time I remember doing so wais after I ate a bunch of sugar-free gummy bears before hitting I-35 for a 10 hour drive. Vomiting into your own diarrhea in a very PUBLIC toilet bowl is about the worst hell I can imagine.
  6. I am traveling, which means I'm away from home, which means I can't poop. I am fantasizing about a very locked bathroom door, some music, a book, and a dump that will flood the eastern seaboard when I flush. And rumble strips are totally to hide the sound of massive flatulence as you're driving, yes?
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