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  1. Sentenced today. This is my 40-year-old-asses first offense ever for anything. keep in mind, I am getting laid off on Friday and will have no money or health insurance... 9 months probation. Have to have my psych send monthly progress reports. Have to spend 5 days in their work program which is basically working in landscaping or trash pickup $1,210 in fines and fees $275 in a civil judgement to Kohls Not allowed in any Kohls or any retail establishment in the City of Livonia during probation. Have to get court permission to travel out of state Have to be gainfully employed or looking for employment Have to get monthly pee tests (whyyyy?) Because I tried to shoplift 2 blushes and a lipstick (I didn't even get out the the store so they are in perfectly sellable condition) from a Kohls in Livonia while hypomanic. Seems kinda severe to me. My job end Friday. Insurance end the 28th. I'm fucked.
  2. So the Pdoc didn't even see me yesterday. they sent a Physican's Assistant in his place. Upped my Latuda, gave me samples, told me to come back in 3 weeks and they would write 3 months of scripts (and give me 3 months of Latuda samples) for when I am without health insurance. *shrugs* Is it normal for a pdoc not to diagnose you because he thinks it is "too early to label it anything."
  3. I'm nosy I'm in the middle of losing my job on the 15th, losing my health insurance on the 28th, dealing with a misdemeanor court case, trying not to become homeless again, and looking for a new job. I don't have the luxury to poke around and start over with anyone else right now. I have my 7th session with him later this afternoon and I'll see how he reacts to me telling him my insurance and job are going bye bye.
  4. I think my doc is full of crap. New state standards don't mention monthly pee tests, or any tests at all https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=cee131da-86a6-4bcc-a32d-d992e640f3b1
  5. Mine are worse too around period time. My dod wanted to give me Frova as an abortive for period migraines (Maxalt us my usual) and he gave me a script for Cataflam for period migraines (as opposed to the Esgic for regular migraine pain). My insurance wouldn't cover the Frova so I have no idea if it would have made a difference or not.
  6. My Gdoc is telling both me and my OH that we are required to get monthly pee tests because of the meds we are prescribed. For him it is Klonopin for me Klonopin, ambien and adderall. Neither of us have ever abused our meds, asked for early refillls, or anything like that. They don't even have us bring in our bottles for a med check. they just want the pee tests (which we have to pay for out of pocket). They insist "it's the law." That sounds like bullshit to me. In Michigan if that matters. we used to have to do them twice a year. Does this happen to anyone else?
  7. I wonder if it can cause the opposite problem - I had my period and then 2 weeks later I had it again and 2 weeks later again.???
  8. He is adorable. reminds me of me in the mornings.
  9. By ahole pdoc had the genetic test done on me. He didn't really share any results (but he never shares anything). He just stuck me on Latuda, which seems to be expensive but I don't know how I am going to afford it because as of the 15th I will have no job and the 28th no health insurance and he knows this. For those of you who took the genetic test, did whatever modifications your pdoc do to your cocktail because of test recommendations help? I feel blind on this.
  10. 6 weeks after my bipolar diagnosis. (My ahole Pdoc won't actually tell me that is my diagnosis but I read his notes over his shoulder). I'm so tired of this shit already. My OH is perma-pissed at me and says I'm just using it as an excuse. Fuck him.
  11. On 60 mg of Latuda, week 6 - is the akathesia a side effect that generally mellows with time? Because I have enough trouble sleeping in the first place. My depression has pretty much gone and I haven't taken a trip back to Hypomanialand so it seems like it's working otherwise.
  12. I had to share the cuteness of my kitty.
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