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  1. Funny, and Not. Picture just being dumped at the door of a horror story convalescent prison, watching my brother,zip off, in my car,not even a fuck you or an endearing "really try to die this time" My Dear Uncle Duke went out in better style Stasis
  2. Thank You Black Bird, I'm not so stressed out dating younger women, I do appreciate if they know who is currently President
  3. Smile When you Say That

  4. Besides good clothes, ( I looked half dead ) getting my meds was a pain in the ass. good books,some that you have liked before. All your numbers,phone,phone cards. If you can get away with it, some forbidden fruit. soft earplugs,yes they wake you up every 5 minutes a good small stereo,a good sounding one. But,my stay was 33 days plus a minimun security sentence another 3-4 weeks, I don't remember, start a journal. I did like the semi permanent IV not so many needles Shut up Stasis
  5. I have nothing to add, but this guy, is used up. It's rubber dummy time asshole Stasis
  6. I lived alone for 5-6 years before getting married I liked it,Except my job if I had one, no pressure. This time it has been 5-7 years alone, I don't feel driven to start a relationship, ( burnt twice ) I can go weeks without a business,mail,food,pills (if my eyes have "That Look ",they sit me down for awhile To my librarian,I read tons of books She calls me the silent one. Maybe 2 years ago I dropped in on a couple guys I was told that I was really hairy OK I, down to my neighbor another loner I'm dragging on,look for an edit soon
  7. Ys, For a year or so, I took klonopin 2mg x 2 ativan,1 mg 3x, My focus on why, no memory. I do remember being quite pissed off,when, the idiot Pdoc I saw, 3 times, cut me off the Ativan, dropped my klonopin by half, then, fled to Canada. I swear, I had nothing to do, with his flight from prescription. I was all right with the dose I had. the unwarranted change, by an ignorant Doc. I thought about burning A Canadian flag, what's the use, unless,it's at a hockey match,a burning Maple serves little as a provacation. What were we chatting about, yeah the benzos'
  8. My last job. I worked printing. Perfection and deadline pressure, hand in hand. I was very good at my job, A miserable Son of a bitch to work with. I was a known loose cannon, The plant manger,saved my ass repeatedly. Quote You are too intelligent for the work, but,I need you,try not to kill anyone. No,never killed anyone, Around the fringes,I knew I had a problem, heavy drinking,excesses of stomping my boss (a little boss)more trouble, I called them, The Bob and Dave show, or, how do I get past this one. My Doc,started with,the how are you? Really? I told him,not to wor
  9. No,kidding Thomas? Mine is not as long, I am cursed with curls, Valve spring style curls. Barbers leave all that tiny make you itch hair buzz. Great chatters too, the fishing,the animal slaughter. Buying new trucks can carry them on for days. Gotta bitch about the $4.50 fuel. Time to stop before I become what I behold S
  10. I think I know what you mean, although my Seroquel use is lengthy, I constantly smell different things, it's like traces of what produced it still around. I can sense changes in my body chemistry,acidic or a sharp odor maybe the meds change mine, Going out side ,I can smell all kinds of things, I attribute the hightened sense to my years in the forest or the ocean,lots to smell on the beach like maybe a melted sealion. picture that. S
  11. One of the quiet ones, I spend alot of time in my library, I overheard my favorite Lady Librarian " That's the silent one ", yeah,I can go days without speaking. people can get real stupid, I do however,salute and shake with those old grey heads that fought for freedom. I just pick up what I need,vanish, a klonopin helps,waiting in line, behind a screaming child, (some of them,think I 'm funny,go figure) a witless wonder trying to over run the ambient sound,to gossip,with her whatever, There are days,I could snag a few, crunch them under bootheel, plead insanity OH,Gods,I've
  12. Knocking on my door before noon, gets you poor results.I may run a streak of noon to 0300,listening for goblins
  13. Kneecaps,I know how.
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