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  1. I was diagnosed w/Epilepsy when I was 19 and after about 4 years on meds, they weened me off and I was seizure free up until last year (I'm almost 35 now). What was dumb on my part was that I knew that it was coming back because I have a very keen sense of my auras when they happen. I started having full grand mal seizures starting about mid way through last year. Sad thing is that my doctor stated that for ppl who had it when they were young, and then have it come out again when they are older, the seizures tend to get stronger and stronger as they get older, and this has been the case for me over the last year. I am on 1500 mg of depakote a day now, compared to a 1/3 of that when I was in my teens. What was stable for me when I started having seizures again last year (at 1000mg) is no longer sufficient, hence why I am on 1500mg now.
  2. I did, same answer... Fucking shit... Why does this world never help get a person out of it, but is more than happy to bring a person into it? You can't possibly believe this is a good place. Death, disease, ppl constantly trying to screw you over (including family)... Oh, wait... That's why... No need to help someone kill themselves. That's one less person to screw.
  3. fucking hate my life

  4. Okay, I'll cut to the chase. I am done w/this shit and want out and it dawned on me the other day that Depakote, which I am prescribed, can help me do this. I don't wanna do it wrong and end up fucking my liver but still be alive (trust me). I can just take a large amount of this shit before I go to bed some night and not wake up the next morning. My research tells me this should be painless way to go. My question is that since my body is already accustom to taking 1500mg daily, what would I need to take to kill me? Also, I am taking Depakote ER, so I will grind it up before I take it (obviously) so it hits faster, but any suggestions? Would 10 times do it? 20 times? I know that if I keep shoving them down the hatch my body will throw them back up if I do too much at once. Any suggestions on how to do this is appreciative... Leave the religious crap and pity shit at the door, please.
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    When I try to join chat, it says, "you have been kicked from chat room". I have never been here b4... what's up?
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