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  1. Exactly the police said they wernt even going to see the people who put the post on Facebook or nothing I'm less scared of something happening to my house today I'm still scared when my bf goes out and I'm dreading Thursday , this year has just been really really bad for us and I can handle it
  2. Yea I'm prob not gonna sell online again I still feel panicky
  3. It's already been removed I'm just worried that people are goin to remember
  4. Yea there's the c.a.b , nothing else has happened overnight an the facebook posts have stopped so it might just be easier to pay them the £20 and get it over with
  5. The police came to my house and said that because we agreed to give them the second ps3 then it's a civil matter which has really confused me , my head has been going over and over it all night and I can't sleep and I have the horrible anxiety sickness feeling , I don't know what to do
  6. I've had a really really bad day today we sold our ps3 to a woman and she said it doesn't work and we told her it does because it did for us so she put my boyfriends number and name on Facebook and loads of people starting phoning and messaging calling us scum then 3 men turned up at the door demanding her money back or they would come in and take our tv so we gave them my boyfriends ps3 and they said were coming back on Thursday to get another £20 because my bf's ps3 was a older model but the messages on Facebook continued and they put out house address on it and someone even put a photo of our house on there so we phoned the police who said it was a civil matter and there's nothing they could do, but now I'm scared that someone is going to hurt my bf or break out windows and I feel sick and anxious and I'm too scared to sleep incase something happens but I know I will feel the same for the next few weeks and I can't handle that
  7. I go out of the house about once every two weeks for a couple of hours but that's my social phobia , I've been taking 50mg amitriptyline at night lately just to get me to sleep but I still struggle and I feel really tired the next day, I only see a gp but I struggle toget out to see them
  8. Every few weeks I go weird for a few days like I can't sleep and my mind is just racing with thoughts about everything from my childhood to the way I look to stuff I want to do it feels like I want to do a million things all at once but I don't have enough time and I get headaches because I feel so stressed , I'm lazy so I don't do the things u want to do and it's frustrating my head feel like it's going to explode all I want to do is take a relaxing bath but we don't have a bathtub (bf's choice) and my bf is constantly with me it just feels like too much at the moment my brain is going about 300mph and I can't stand it anyway just wanted to get this out there, thanks for any replies
  9. I've only ever seen a gp as a adult before I was 18 I saw a youth psychologist but as soon as I turned 18 they dropped me and now every time I ask to be referred to someone more qualified I always get told the waiting list is too long . The mental health system in the uk sucks (for me anyway)
  10. No I've never tried something differnt to Prozac I go out of the house like once every 2 months at the moment so it's hard for me to make a appointment with them that I will stick with
  11. I was just wondering if depression can be a permenant thing because I was a depressed child (mum on drugs in prison we had no money no food and they didn't teach us how to brush our teeth or tie our shoe laces or anything like that) I mainly remember getting depressed at the age of nine I had a lot of problems like going to court against my abuser and money problems bullying problems and I discovered through my mam that self harm made her feel better so I tried that and I also remember once when I was 9 I sat in the garden wrote a suicide note and held a knife against my throat I don't remember why I didn't do it but I started self harming every day when I was 14 then I took a overdose and ended up on Prozac but I'm still here aged 23 still on Prozac (40mg now) and I'm still depressed so I was think is it possible for a person to just be a depressed personality and no medication or anything will help until the day I die
  12. At the moment I'm only seeing my gp once every 6 months or something like that but when I ask for a counseller or someone better they always say the waiting list is too long so just stick with your Prozac so the mental health system here is terrible
  13. Lately I've been feeling like such a failure I left school when I was 14/15 so I didn't get any qualifications I've never had a job due to my depression and social anxiety I've never done anything that I can be proud of . Also when I was a kid my parents for some unknown reason didn't teach me to brush my teeth so now mine are awful and I'm terrified of the dentists, I don't look after myself I don't clean up the house or anything I rarely wear make up I brush my hair about twice a week(sometimes I've gone weeks without doin it) I don't cook for myself go shopping I sleep from about 3am til 1pm and I've tried for years to get my sleeping pattern to normal I think it roots from when I was a kid and my mam was addicted to speed I used to sit up at night with her talking about all her problems (depression self harm drugs and her bad childhood ) sometimes I wonder if I'm like this through genetics but I don't know all I do know is that I'm miserable I've been so unhappy for years and I feel like a waste of space there are loads of kids and nice ppl who get ill an die and they deserve to live whereas I'm just doing nothing good I'm a waste of space
  14. Thanks for your help everyone I don't think it helps that my boyfriend is constantly flirting with other women online while saying stuff about me being lazy and what can't he be with her instead, that really isn't helping my depression today
  15. Every time I ask to see a pdoc I get told the waiting list is too long so there not going to refer me to see one the mental health system in the uk is terrible
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