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  1. Actually, Im always glad people come back and update. I worry a lot. Glad you are on the mend...
  2. I wish I had something to add, I just want to say I've screamed like a monster at my kids in the past, and that's what got me back to a doc and on meds. I felt that way everyday, too. Angry... all the time. It's horrible and worse than feeling depressed, IMO. I'm struggling with this on my meds again, all of a sudden. Working on some changes in meds again now. The anger sucks, not fair to the kids, but completely unmanageable most times. Good luck. You are not alone.
  3. It's awesome here, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!! Welcome !
  4. To be honest with you, I can't imagine NOT having a sexual response. My husband is the only person who has ever given me a message (never had a professional one) and its usually a lead up to sex in our case. But that's me... I would have to get a female message therapist and hope for the best! I don't think your reaction was odd or inappropriate. Im sorry you are struggling right now. Good luck to you...
  5. This sucks - you are right - we don't choose who we love. But overall, it mainly sounds very traumatic. You know you have to let go - no relationship should be that difficult. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this, heart ache is the worst. Good luck to you, and I hope you find peace again soon...
  6. TOTALLY forgot about Office Space! *also love radiohead, just wanted to say
  7. I saw this on another forum, turned out to be really interesting... While channel surfing, what movies do you *have* to watch, no matter how many times you've seen them before? For me: Shawshank Redemption Someone Like You (Ashley Judd & Hugh Jackman) .... or any other Ashley Judd/feel good movie for that matter Every time!!!!!
  8. Good for you! I know when I face my fears I feel pretty awesome when it over... Congrats to you. That wasn't easy, I'm sure.
  9. This is a safe place, there is no judgement here. I said Jack Black! YES!!! Oh, how I love him. I also love John Krasinski... yummy! Oh, and Dominic Monaghan! All very delicious. I'd like to add Jim Sturgess to my not so secret crushes. God, how I LOVE an accent.
  10. Well, if we are talking good looking men then, James MacAvoy and Ryan Gosling
  11. I agree. This can help with the healing and moving on... I also could not stay mad at my ex even after learning all the lies, etc, I still was waiting for him. It's so hard. I really feel for you... Hang in there...
  12. Of course You have every right to feel anyway you like, however - when I had a painful breakup, I destroyed all evidence possible, thinking it would help me move on. plus I was very angry as I found out about cheating and lying after the breakup... I'm sure the fact that his blog is public makes it more painful. If you can keep yourself away from checking in on him, that's best, but I KNOW how incredibly hard that is. I'm sorry - I hope the healing starts soon...
  13. Well, if we are talking women I LOVE Christina Hendricks (redhead on MadMen). She's incredibly gorgeous in every way - I either want to BE her or be the guy with her. So dreamy.....
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