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  1. Yes it is nice when a med starts to work. I don't feel manic, I just feel sort of normal happy to be alive. I am still a bit concerned about the discharge but hoping it will go away. Anyway I see the pdoc later this month. I also take Seroquel 25-50 mgs at night, along with klonopin ( which I have taken for a long time with no problems). I wonder if the addition of the Seroquel is tipping the scales on the prolactin just enough to cause this small discharge? Small but ever present.
  2. I have been taking Latuda 20mg for about 3 yrs. I wasn't deeply depressed any longer but I just had no motivation and it was hard to get up many days. I generally just watched TV and looked at the net. Recently I suggested to new pdoc to increase the Latuda to 40mg. The reason it hadn't been done before this is that I have EPS from taking Stelazine for 18 yrs. So the doc increased it and the first week or so it caused insomnia and it was stressful. Now things seem to have settled down and for about a week now I have felt--Happy. I hardly remember what it feels like. I actually cleaned my fridge today. May not seem earth shaking but huge for me. The only problem I am having that I am aware of is some breast discharge. I know this can be very normal and does happen with some AP. Anyone else ever had this happen? I am bipolar 2 mostly depressed and a very long term psych patient. stars
  3. Just an update. Saw Pdoc today and since I have been stable on 65 mg Strattera for a while now, we are going to try going up. I just feel so sleepy all day. The Pdoc said he'd love to prescribe Provigil but he said Insurance companies won't pay for it b/c of cost and I have to either have narcolepsy or shift sleep disorder( from working different shifts at work all the time). I may ask my neuro about that one. So today I took 75 mg Strattera . I was able to tolerate staying awake better. I will do this for a couple days and then try the 80mg. Hopefully this will be activating a bit. My goals are to not sleep all day and hopefully get to the point I can get out of the house maybe 1x a week or so. Maybe some light housework. I am also trying to not gain any further weight. So far medically I am stable. Funny, of all the drugs I have been on Remron made me feel much less anxious but packed on 20 pounds. s
  4. I thought I would check in and report on progress. I am now on 65 mg ( yes 65) ( I take a 40 mg and a 25 mg) of Strattera and was just taken off the Cymbalta altogether. I take in am Amour Thyroid 180 mg along with Strattera 65mg. HS I take Latuda 20 mg, Seroquel 25, klonopin 2mg, Benadryl 25 mg, along with bp meds and IBC meds and a few vits. Yesterday I actually was glad to be alive and looking forward to the future. Plus I take Victoza for type 2 diabetes. I have noted since stopping the Cymbalta my dreams are becoming vivid and I am very hungry. Hopefully it will be ok after I am off it a while. The Cymbalta never did really help enough and it may not have been playing well with the Strattera . I am medically stable ( thyroid and diabetes b/p etc). so I guess this is almost as good as it gets. It has taken a while for the pdoc to find meds that work for me .Some of my medical docs have been less than helpful with coordinating my psych meds with other meds. Everything gets harder when you get older and have medical issues too.
  5. I have been dx'd with hashimotis thyroiditis for many years I take meds for it. Ever so often it gets active again and the thyroid panel goes off the wall, all the way to hyper. When this happened last time no one bothered to check my thyroid , the doc just blamed the Strattera. So I have been stable on thyroid for several months now and we thought we'd try the Strattera again b/c nothing else is working. I just have not been able to get my energy level up and lack motivation.All I do is sit around and watch TV all day. So far the Strattera is helping my memory a bit and it helps me make plans and has some activating ability. My pdoc said almost no one gets much help from Strattera but apparently I do. I would have just tried a stimulant but they always tend to make me jittery. I see where Strattera is similar to wellbutrin . I took that once and had lost 15 pounds and felt great but then got a spasm in the base of my my tongue ( not painful) . The podc I was seeing at the time looked it up and sure enough it was a rare eps type reaction So off that drug-- anyway it has been very hard to find the right meds and one thing I have learned too is as the years go by you may have to change your meds. Your body chemistry changes and sometimes meds just stop working. Me developing TD has really made everything really dicey.
  6. I just thought I'd bring this up to date. Had to stop Remeron and could not go up any further on Cymbalta than 60mg. Dr. has started me back on Strattera at 40mg b/c I am still very flat and not motivated. Previously I had stated a doc took me off of it due to anxiety. Well, as it turns out it was not the drug it was my thyroid. I was hyper. so now that that is adjusted hopefully I can get motivated to do more than watch tv all day. Already the Strattera has helped me focus and recall info.
  7. I was looking for Strattera topics and found this one. I have been put back on this drug at 40mgs. I feel focused and hope more motivation will appear. This drug does seem to work for me but as a previous pdoc said, the drug is known to Poop out. I can't for over 40mg . I can't take other stimulant drugs b/c I get very jittery ( like I have had a huge does of caffeine). I am on Latuda now, 20 mg a day and Cymbalta 60mg, and klonopin 2mg and Seroquel 25 mg. I have been dx'd as Bipolar and the pdoc is trying to get me motivated to get up and do something besides sleep or watch TV. Meds get a lot harder to prescribe when you get older. I have had a terrible time finding AD's that don't make me manic and even when not manic am left with what look like the negatives aspects of schiz. At this point in my life if I can get up everyday and shower more than once a week and watch TV, I am doing better. I just hope for a bit more motivation , like maybe cleaning my house etc. Nothing major.
  8. Just an update. I am now off the Remeron and the klonopin is at 2mg and I am now on day 2 of Cymbalta 60mg. I got a poop out of the Cymbalta 30 on about the 4-5tyh day. Initially I feel much better on the 60mg but it too may poop out. doc says 120 is the usual dose for depression and 60 mg for chronic pain etc. I continue to have a headache and some ringing in my ears. I am still at Seroquel 25 hs and can also use it am, but it tends to make me drowsy, so I seldom take it in the am. Seroquel is a big weight gainer and right now the doc is removing me from meds that cause weight gain.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I always tend to think it is the new drug causing the problem but coming off the remeron may be causing more problems than I know. I hope this turns into a really positive story. I am so sad all the time and have lost so many years of my life to depression. They many call depression the common cold of mental illness but it is anything but ordinary, it is totally changed my life- for the worse.
  10. So I started the Cymbalta 30 mg on march 31 and so this is my 8th day. I have lost a little over 12 pounds .the pill is causing a daily almost constant mild headache. I was having ring in the ears but that has ceased. It is also causing me to awaken abruptly at anywhere from 2-3 am ( I hear either a loud noise or my name being called ) and am having problem getting back to sleep. However, I have also dropped my klonopin form 3mg to 2mg and my Remeron from 45mg to 15mg during this time period so who knows what is causing what-- plus I have had a steroid shot in back during this time. The steroids may be why I am waking up too or they may not be helping it , at the very least. I see my Pdoc on the 13th so by then I should be off the Remeron and should have a better feel for this drug. The really activating part ended pretty quickly, however it is reducing my appetite. I am pretty sure it will have to go up to 6omg. My back doc said it helps depression but he had never found it all that helpful for pain. That is where I am at as of today and I so hope this drug works out.
  11. I have been on AP's for a very long time. I was on Stelazine 1mg 15 yrs and then developed TD ( tardive dyskinesia ) in 03. They had a terrible time finding something I could take but eventually settled on Seroquel and I used Zyprexa for emergencies. I was on despermine at a very low dose for a time. I tried Topamax too. They just were never really able to find a mood stabilizer I could tolerate as most of the anti-seizure drugs make me angry or at the best very irritable. I stopped seeing my Pdoc as I could no longer afford him and really he hadn't done much for me in years anyhow. The first Pdoc I saw after that finally put me on Latuda is which working out very well. I was however still very tired and sad and I almost never leave the house. The second Pdoc I saw made more progress and has been trying to find an AD I could tolerate. The remeron was ok but I gained 20 # and my PCP wrote Pdoc to consider something else. Also, the Latuda has really messed up my lipid panel, causing my bad cholesterol to be really bad. It just gets really hard as you get older and have medical problems to find the right Psych combo . Also, as you get older you will note that many of the drugs say they increase the risk of stroke in the elderly. I don't have dementia ( I hope anyhow) but it is a gamble. So I am where I am now, Latuda 20mg at hs, Klonopin 2mg hs( recently dropped from 3 mgs) Remeron tape hsr and Seroquel 25 mg bid and Cymbalta 30 mg( generic) in am I had almost given up any hope of leaving this house or any kind of normal life. So I hope this stuff keeps working. It has decreased my appetite and given me a bit of motivation. At least I am up all day and not in bed. Now if I can just get off the sofa. In the long gone past I responded to Ascendin for 1.5 yrs while in a crying depression. AD's like Prozac literally made me manic . They never tried the MAO"S b.c of the diet restrictions. I should have left my Pdoc long before I did, He just stopped trying anything new .
  12. Day 3 of the Cymbalta 30mgs and so far I like this med. I feel brighter and almost feel like getting up and leaving the house. The reduction in klonpin was much bigger than I thought. I am yawning off and on all day, though less today. My Remeron is at 15 mg right now.. The Seroquel continues 25 bid at this time. I see the doc in less than 2 weeks. It appears my PCP was so concerned about my meds and weight gain ( about 20# and I was already overweight) . There seems to be a thyroid issue too that we are trying to sort out. I look forward to dropping this 20# and if this Cymbalta keeps working like this I can see me being more active. I can't believe no one ever thought to try me on this drug. So far it is amazing.. I feel like I have taken a moderate stimulant. They also hope the Cymbalta will help with pain issues. Taking meds with ongoing medical issues gets really dicey.
  13. They are taking me off of Remeron due to excessive weight gain. Their call not mine. I love the drug. They are trying me on Cymbalta 30 mg take in am . they are also lowering my klonopin to 2mg instead of 3mg. They are having me take 25 mg Seroquel at night and 25 in day for anxiety. I am still on the Latuda which seems to help my depression. If only they could find something for the Negative affect issues, like not caring about anything. just flat.
  14. II live in the Bible belt as they call it. I grew up in a fundamental type religion that demanded strict obedience or they shun you. There are a number of these type churches in this area. The ones I am familiar with do not understand mental illness and tend to think it is demon possession. The church I went to was like that and was very much against Psychiatry or psychologists or medication. This does not mean all the churches here are like that. There has been a big explosion of X( name a religion ) discussion boards for those who were hurt or abused by a religion. There are many on the net. My personal experience is that child molestation and abuse of women is common and often goes unreported due to fear. The stories of the survivors leaves me with a deep dislike of religion . I still miss spirituality and often try and find ways to fill that need. So Lucy, if you belonged to a religion and was wounded by their teachings or behavior, well there is a good chance you can find a discussion board with like-minded persons on it. Just a thought.
  15. Ephedra is quite legal in the us, at least In Texas. It is in the drug PRIMATENE TABLETS . They keep it behind the counter and you just sign for it. You see , I have also got another condition called Myasthenia Gravis and it is used OTC for this. My doc recommended it 12.5 mg is a very tiny dose and I am not abusing it. You'd get way more of a buzz from Adderall. I am up to 45 mg on Remeron and 50XR Seroquel. I still feel "flat".
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