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  1. listening to skrillex ruffneck bass

  2. i also took risperdal and Li for years no prob , as for abilify thats a tiny tiny dose sounds like u need to raise it
  3. i need a new cell phone

  4. yeah thats a high dose although everything ive read says you can go up to a hundred
  5. i dont see why your so against haldol ive taken it with much sucess and few side effects.....
  6. im on 4 mg of risperdal , and i find that in the morning i got full sex drive and no sexual side effects .
  7. cant sleep ughh this is getting old

  8. i had graves disease so i had my thyroid killed bye radioactive iodine. Now i am hypo and have to take meds daily
  9. normally it will go away after a few weeks. I don't get any sedation anymore from aps ,except when i climb up stairs my legs feel heavy and week .
  10. i have graves disease or had i had my thyroid killed bye radiation now im hypothroid . Ihave to take synthroid daily .
  11. you should keep the latuda because the dose your taking of thorazine is very small its = to 1mg of haldol
  12. i was 170lbs before meds now im 260lbs, i can't take it. im torn between quiting meds all together and staying on them . last summer i stopped all meds and lost 75lbs in a couple of months, but it ended badly. so i got back on them and boom fat again. I switched my meds to weight neutral meds such as trileptal and geodon i eat better but it just isn't enough... I need hardcore excercise daily im affraid. yes this is full of typos sorry.
  13. do u have trouble swallowing ? abilify has the throat thing listed in side effects .Don't know if latuda does .
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