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    I love movies, music, and League of legends ;D
  1. Thanks I will start trying to keep one. That is a wonderful Idea and I appreciate all the input. It isn't from my eyes, they don't just happen in school, but it's mostly in school.
  2. Sorry, I think I posted the topic without finishing, I meant to say, anyone have any Idea what's going. It's been happening for a long time. but thanks.
  3. Well, everyday I get headache, or most of the days I do. It generally happens in school. I dont know if they're are migraines or headaches, they both hurt like fuck. Once every month or so I'll get what I know are migraines and they start with splotches in my eye then those go away and I get a terrible migraine.
  4. Nice to meet you all, I am Baloo, I've come here to figure out what's wrong with me. I am sure many of us have. I have been looking desperately for answers. Well anyway nice to meet you all
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