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  1. Howdy folks, your old pal ka-mai here. It has been a while. Wanted to come by and say hello again. Anyway, I wont bore you all with details but I am certainly mentally interesting. Joined back in the olden days. Haven't dug through the list, but hopefully I will see some familiar names. Also glad to meet new folks too. Good to see you VE. Cheers, k.
  2. Hi there, Anyway, yeah... some may know me from before. I missed you folks. Strange ride, but, yeah I am back,
  3. I think I'm nuts..still

  4. Could someone also explain why some dudes find it comfy to wear their shorts and pants below their butts? Apparently, this trend is known as Sagging It does not look comfy to me at all.
  5. My wife tells me she wears hers because it's makes HER feel good about herself. She also says it makes it make her feel more shapely, not because some man thinks she needs to. Personally, I wouldn't mind if she didn't wear one at all, cuz, well...ah, nevermind. Not to totally derail this topic, but can somebody please explain to me why some girls insist on wearing thong underwear so high that the upper (rubber band?) support rests just an inch or so below their ribcage? It looks uncomfy. And yes, I am serious.
  6. Of course L. You know how to find me.
  7. High school graduate. Licensed master electrician, electrical administrator and contractor.
  8. As a matter of fact, I have AM. I use it all the time. Sorry for the OT response.
  9. Wait...this thread is STILL alive? Holy shit! I'm getting a big tingle right now too! But it might be due to the fact that my heating pad (which I'm laying on), has a teensy crack in the cord, but then again it could also be my laptop, which is of course, perched directly over my naughty bits at the same time...I am surely fucked. I'm also out of tin foil. Fuck.
  10. When I drink soda, Mexican Coca-Cola. Yeah! for pop made with actual sugar instead of that high fructose corn syrup shit. God, I hate that crap.
  11. I'm 43. And geez Olga, what's the big deal with not disclosing your age? Do I sense a bit of vanity? edited to get the bold type to go away
  12. Am, what is that supposed to mean? Curious,
  13. miss you too! stupid invision glitches!

  14. (Sorry for the thread jack DB) My private club blog apparently is viewable only to me. I don't even show up in the blogs list, and I used to (private club). For instance, I can see DB's private blog, but I don't think she can see mine. I know we can't comment on the private ones, but I should be able to see it, right? EDIT: Nevermind. I got it.
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