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  1. Mild tonight and the stars are twinkling.
  2. Thank you Mackie for your warm welcome. I am managing my OCD better now since receiving therapy this week, and some useful CBT tools, although the therapy is extremely draining. Last year when Dad died I had a breakdown and I am only recently recovered from it. Although anxiety still runs high - partly the OCD but also caused by selective mutism - I nevertheless have fought it without help from any med because of a known issue I have with an anticoagulant. CD forums have been wonderful as have the friends I have met and come to know through joining. Thank you for what you said. Graf
  3. A soft grey of an undefined horizon, for such is a beautiful misty afternoon that I am sat outside; mild weather even for mid-Feruary.
  4. A letter from a loving friend that so uplifted my heart.
  5. Therapy is draining. But it does get better for you and it is definitely worth it. A good therapist will pace you, 'walk along' as you go but you need to dicuss coping strategies. Think of therapy as a walk. Many times it feels like you are struggling to walk up a beach of shingle: for every two steps forward, you go back one. However, the horizon eventually comes into view.
  6. I'm grateful my hungy girl loved her grub and ate it all up, and then she gace me such a sweet smile and said, "Thanks mummy!"
  7. Not at all. I'm 19 and been living with my partner for a long time. I fell for him five years ago. And contrary to what everyone else and their dog have said - they know nothing, anyway - we're still together and even more in love since that unforgettable first moment. Love is a natural thing, you can't help who you worship as your Hero, or who you fall in love with, no matter who it is.
  8. I've been manipulated too much to allow people to walk over me. Never again.
  9. Mild and misty, dampish outside. Tomorrow promises the same.
  10. That is very sweet of you. And welcome to CB.
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