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  1. I was thinking that the girls at work don't seem very compassionate or helpful--and often thats because when we work wtih a group of people, especially women, we tend to form clicks and treat each other rather rudeley, because we think we all have to be good friends, or compete against each other. It seem to me you could use some support from some of those co-workers. It sounds like since you refer to them as friends, they could be some hlep and support Your sorrow is yours right now, and natural. Take time to take care of yourself, and remember, this that hit "normal" (ha) people hard can knock us crazies under the bus. Blessings to you and yor grandfather for healing ad peace for him. BTW, I had to put the originnal "China cat" to sleep yesterday, at 15 years old. Hope this makes sense--I'm hot and tired and sad from getting rid of the cat mess in my house so I don't have to look at it. Blessings, china
  2. First of all, most ADULTS one has to work with have a universal problem--they think they are still in the 3rd grade and everyon3 wantss to talkk about everyone, and who is your ffriend, etc. Go in do your job, an go home--they are not yourfriends, don't need to be your friends, and its better off if they are not. So sorry about your gramps--I will tell you how I made it thru my dad's death--he was almost 90, and furious about getting old.So I looked at his death as as way his ever-youthful spirit was no longer tied down by his body, which was breaking up and letting him down daily. He was free from the pain and inconvenience of that body. Hope thathelps. And yes, I am back, alive and well, living on the beach, but thats another story. Much love and blessings, china
  3. Go to the nearest health dept. or doc if you can afford it, anad have them do a blood tests--which are ALWAYS right. If you're not preg, your hormones may just be screwed, and you could use to see the doc If you are pre, you MUST see a doc immediately due to risk of ectopic from Mirana, etc. And make sure your OB understands and will work with your pdoc. MOST IMPORTANT. Blessings, Chinacat, RETIRED (TOTALLY) OB/GYN RN
  4. Yes,Beach Bum,a lofty goal,at least yours is warm,I'm in my German Naval Officer coat and still cold,the beach is narrow,it's different every day,heh,I look like a U-Boat skipper.And I'm back in my Zero.

    My best friend,Chinacat!

  5. Ah, the great days of Fall and college football!!

  6. is alive and functioning and becomming a beach bum!!

    1. chinacat


      Lithium is god's gift to me. Now, if I could only type and/or write

  7. The Lamactil I believe interferes with your pitutiary, and is probably not the best thing to take--the Seroquel, I would discuss at length with both pdoc and OB Hope this helps. China

  8. Chinacat...thanks for your information. Coming from a nurse I really appreciate your feedback. I just found out that I'm expecting and I take seroquel and Lamictal for bipolar. I am really scared to come off my meds in fear of a relapse. My pdoc told me to stop taking the meds??? I don't know what to do???

  9. This is a great, cool article-- http://www.breakpoint.org/commentaries/12310-a-peek-into-fetal-memory Very enlightening! blessings, china
  10. I'd like to change my signature--update it--but can't figure out how--?????

  11. First of all, Hey to DB and all you other faithful followers--I have been away, no major disasters, just muddling along. You guys have given all the good answers, I just wanted to chime in. There is a chance that ANYTHING you take during pregnancy MIGHT cause a problem--stop and think. Is a pjharm company going to do testing of any medication on a pregnant woman? No way., Jose. Never has happened, never will--the liability issues are too huge for even those rich, fat cats. So--NOTHING you eat, drink or take has been scientifically tested on a pregnant woman. Period. And we all know that with everybody being so different, different things do amazingly different thing to different people (HUH??) You may read that some things have been "found" to cause problems in Pregnancyu--and these even include herbal remedies. But that is what the researchers call "anectdotal evidence", meaning someone took something, and a bad thing happened. So they publish it, "just in case". The "Cover your ass" business is alive and well. Now, that being said, please make sure your pdoc and your OB are on speaking terms, regularly. You need an OB who is up to date, and preferably one who has delt with pregers crazy ladies before. I worked with one who gave all the WRONG stuff, according to the research I read,and kept telling him about (being the nag that I am) but refused to stop. (Guess the coke he was doing interferred with his judgement, but thats another story) You need these people to talk to each other--I can't say that enough. Yes, there is always a chance--probably pretty small--that taking any medication MIGHT cause your baby to have a problem. But he might have problems anyway, even if you lived a pure righteous lifestyle and were sane as a horse. You have to make the decisions, and because the decisions are up to you., you MUST be an "educated consumer" of health care. You must read and read and ask questions till they are so tired of you they run you off. But thats OK, because its YOUR decision, and you take the responsibility for the outcome when you make it. You can say, yes, I want an elective C-section--which is groovy if you know all the pros and cons, and decide its best for you and the young-un. Same with meds, of any kind. Untreated mental illness is much more dangerous to you and your baby than any med you can take. Period. End of my lecture for the day. Please, message me or DB or keep asking, we want to help, and so many women here have good and bad experiences to share--and you need to hear them all before making that "Informed consent" thing. But NEVER stop a psych med suddenly and/or without takling to OB and pdoc. EVER--BAD BAD BAD. Blessings, and keep asking--we're here just for that. china, retired OB/GYN RN and nosy neighbor
  12. Well, the OB nurse crawls out of her hole, finally--you DO NOT have to be crazy before, during, or after birth--in fact, most sensible, up-to-=date OB docs don't want you to be, cause the baby picks it up. PLEASE find an OB doc that will work with your pdoc--there are all kinds of things you can take during and after preg., but like when you're not preg., your mileage may vary, and some stuff just don't agree with some folks. We are here (really, I';m not dead--) to listen and help--and there are a bunch of smart, experiennced moms on this board, so please message me, or just keep posting, I promise to chekc in regularly. But I don't promise that my spelling or typing has improved. We care, and some of us have some good actual factual knowledge to share with you-- blessings, china
  13. Whats up with the signature part of your controls? I can't change anything, keeps saying its too long or something--help, please--I've been away, I', not a geek, (tho the new look is great) and I need help! love, china
  14. I have been terribly completely alone since I moved, almost 4 years ago--and it has aggrevated my symptoms in a big way. To the point that I rarely leave the house. And living in a small place like I do, there are few, if any, even bearly tolerable therapists or pdocs here--I have had to make the best go I can, but it is an awful feeling. I have a pdoc appt., tomorrow, and I am determined to MAKE him listen to me, all of what I have to say--the increased horriffic de[ression, anxiety, etc, etc. But I don't hold out much hope. I will be thinking of you and hoping that you can find the support you need and deserve--and we are all here for you. blessings, china
  15. I haven't been here in a long while--but your post sounds just like the way I feel and have felt. Just Take your time and keep your space, and know that so many of us are with you in spirit. blessings, china
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