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  1. So, when i first took 5mg made me fall asleep after a long day. 10mg made me alert and more focused. then 15 mg made me sleepy again but i was able to stay awake and after an hour it started working like it should. Anyone else have something like that happen?
  2. Does anyone have FMLA for their job? How exactly does it work? Does your direct supervisor need to know why you have FMLA, or is it just the human services department that needs to know? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. I don't have a pdoc right now, I moved (again, 3rd time in a year) and am broke so haven't been able to talk to another doc. I did ask my last one about the drug induced mania and he just said that antidepressants wouldnt have caused mania in someone who wasn't bipolar.. And at the first appointment I had with him he said I was in a mixed episode. The first doc, the one who gave me the antidepressants, told me she thought I was bipolar and that the meds she was giving me could trigger a manic episode but still gave them to me anyway and ruined my freaking life. Sorry I'm just venting now.
  4. I was diagnosed bipolar about 5 months ago after having a manic episode. The thing is is it was triggered by zoloft; I've been off medication for about 3 months, I've been fine other than irritability and some glimmers of random intrusive thoughts that I can usually shrug off. I guess my question is this: would you consider me being misdiagnosed considering I've been fine without medication and the mania was triggered by a drug? Or, how can I tell if the irritability is a symptom of bipolar rather than inadequate sleep or nutrition, is it something I should be worried about?
  5. Oh the first step I take I'll be heading the right way.

  6. All we can do is keep breathing.

  7. That crossed my mind as i was watching her funeral service. She may have been just an entertainer to some, but music to the majority isn't just entertainment. It helps and heals people. She very well could have been a hero to a large amount of people, if she wasn't there wouldn't have been a half-mast flag, or a widely televised ceremony, or anything like that. Just because the definition of a "hero" or an "extraordinary circumstance" is deviating from one person to the next, it doesn't mean she and that situation was anything less than those things. In my opinion, she isn't more worthy than anyone in the military, she's equally worthy and for different reasons; she didn't get a military memorial service- which is strictly for service members, she got a half-mast flag- if she wasn't a noble american, why wouldn't she be deserving of that? As for her drug abuse and struggles in life- everyone struggles and battles their own demons and because she was famous that was magnified, but she overcame that. As a whole we say no to drugs, but there a TONS of individuals struggling with addiction; maybe her and her music helped those people, give motivation and inspiration to stay strong and recover. Maybe, she saved people's lives in that respect, you just never know. If you watched her service, the minister was trying to say something similar- everyone struggles, but Whitney did a lot more good than bad in her life, and that's what should be focused on. Not only that, but she got 'the whole world' to go to church today. I wasn't ever a huge Whitney Houston fan and I'm not a self-righteous church goer. Here's the thing; what she got is what she got, why question it? It is sort of disrespectful to those who are in mourning, it shows bitterness, and creates conflict that just shouldn't exist. Just let it be.
  8. It helped me sleep when I was in the middle of a mixed episode and couldn't sleep for a few days, and it helped the mixed episode.
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