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  1. Hahaha Are you serious, i doubt what you say could write something Is this related to your blood and veins? If yes I am it too. Actually now I am a cell cake with some dwarf operating a manivele/winch that makes my fluids move to their bounds. Fucking dwarf I hope he never stops working!
  2. I think there is no limit for this. Getting tottaly apart for real world is the limit just for those wathing you. I saw some freaking crazy guys unnable to speak or whatesle, and I always imagined what was going throught their minds. We know what a baby wants or feels cuz they cry until you gives what they want. Thats their way to comunicate. When theres not a simple communication with others, insanity cant be mesured.
  3. I know how it feels. Sometimes I feel like im God, perfect in all means. I love myself to the point of being narcissist. So then comes the "black" side of me and it goes to the opposite. Its strange cause sometimes a photo of me confuses me alot. I realized that these things happens not just for my own self-steem, but for everyone. I can see a handsome woman and then begin to find her uggly for an instant, then go back again. I really am "black or white". Thats what makes we borders so sensitive about the others says, as we dont have a solid self-steem.
  4. Just to add. My fault, you said its not enjoyable so forget what I said about you like it. Another thing, you may be having panic attacks, they do crazy stuff. So ask your doc about this. There is solution, benzos are great. But they are very addictive though. Cheers
  5. You are trying to know what disorder fit in your condition. I am not an expert, nor medic. Ok future medic but thats mean nothing heh. Its known that most of symptoms of despersonalization and dissociation occurs when the person is alone and may little depressed. Also this is very common in teenage. But, like everything else involving our mind, its unique. So, theres not a coexistent feeling over each person for each condition been exacty the same. What the psychology does is get some similar reports and name it for a "disorder". An exemple of this is what occurs with drugs. Take lsd for exemp
  6. Are you borderline? Ask your doc to try it. if you haven't tried any type of amphetamine before could work like it did to me. Im curious ok, but its not my intention to medicate yourself, just seeing that you suffer from symptoms like me i guess its worth a try. Be safe.
  7. I had great response for BPD with vyvanse. I made a post about it. Maybe we need something more immediate I think. Everyone is different though. Controlling your feelings with downers its the psychs first choice, allways. The fact is, we have the most difficult disorder to treat, any doc would be afraid to prescribe anything abusable cuz they dont want to test us for that. Only you know yours limits. It looks like we are in some kind of limbo, seeing others as what we should be. However, sometimes the opposite. Or even not decided or decided to not be "black or white" and be the two. I belie
  8. i know they used amphetamine for depression before cames all this new ad's they claim are not addictive
  9. Ok where to start... hate this... ok I'm 21 and I'll tell a brief of my story. I had a great infancy lets say before 9 years blahblahbla but at some point I started to get more and more introverted and "fragile". Later got bullied in school. My adolescence was conflicting. at 18 i started to use LSD, it was fantastic and so I realized that I needed help for my depression. ok. Soon I started to do cocaine and soon alot of coke and u know- rehab bolocks. in the meantime got various "suicidal" attempts (but never intended to kill myself, just self-harm or so). OK thats a just little of my life an
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