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  1. Well what can I say. I have had 2 clonic tonic seizures (both in the same day) about 3 months ago. In terms of the experience, I had a shower, dried off, went to the bedroom to change, and as I was putting my shoes on it just kicked in. My wife rushed into the room and found me lying back, flailing my arms and legs, with a distinctive stiffening of my neck and mouth. I was biting my tongue quite badly. I was also choking, I went purple due to lack of oxygen. veent My wife called the 000 emergency number for an ambulance. They arrived quckly and helped me into the ambulance. Anywa
  2. You could ask for klonopin. Similar to Valium but a little stronger. But really if its sleep you want, you should talk to your dr about sleep aids like ambien.
  3. Whatever you do, don't make a personal decision to change or go off your meds without medical advice. Its GREAT that you are feeling better, but this is the time where relapse is most likely.
  4. It may well be anxiety, in which case a benzo might be what you need. Chest pains are a common symptom of anxiety and panic. Then again they can be symptomatic of many things. Medical advice - go for it.
  5. Depending on your needs, Zeldox and or Clozapine might be wroth discussing with your dr. I am on that combo and it is working well for me. Good luck.
  6. After nearly two years of clozapine treatment I can say that I no longer hear voices. I still get intrusive thoughts, including homicidal and suicidal thoughts. But its been a big improvement. I still have anxiety/panic issues but my p-doc helps me with valium for that.
  7. Hi there. Welcome to the forums. To answer your questions: 1) It will make you feel groggy especially at first. Some people like to take it in the morning and if relevant 1 in the evening. If you need to be up at 5am, plan ahead. Pills and bed at 8pm until you build tolerance. 2) Sorry I dont know this one. Logically speaking, yes a major tranquilliser will interfere with a stimulant. It may not be a problem for you. Seek medical advice on this one. 3) Most dr's would say - for the moment you can stay your meds until something better comes around. It is almost always the case
  8. Almost all of the ssris are useful for treating OCD - its very individual though - what works for one may not work for others. I find prozac pretty good for these symptoms. For some the atypical anti-psychotics work really well. Im on prozac, reboxetine, clozapine and zeldox and the mix works well for my schizophrenia. I still get intrusive thoughts though
  9. You may just need a much higher dose than 25mg. I was on 1500mg at one point. Need to keep the discussion up with your dr and increase gradually until it feels like its helping.
  10. Other than its side effects (being hyper salivation, sedation and weight gain) its a very good drug. Ive been on zyprexa as well and I would say that clozapine is slightly better than zyprexa. The other issue is compliance with your blood tests which can be a real pain. Im now @ 1 blood test per month, but its a really regimented schedule and you cant just miss it here and there. You even have to have your blood test 1-2 days before your p-oc appointment (also once per month). The first 6-12 months is even harder, with weekly blood tests and appointments. If you can get through that
  11. This is one of those things that is hard to measure yourself. What might seem like a major tremor could just be a minor twitch. I have a slight tremor and my p-doc said it was nothing to worry about; he sees people with serious tremors, and you can tell the difference. All Im saying is dont panic; if its bothering you get medical advice.
  12. Ive been on it for a couple of years now. It scores good marks in dealing with paranoid delusions, hallucinations and disordered thinking. Side effects are weight gain and sedation. Its hard to get around these. My p-doc prescribed me reboxetine (a NARI) to help with the sedation. Its working ok.
  13. How is the lexapro going? Changing to another ssri might be worth considering.
  14. Im thinking, talk to your dr about lowering some of the other meds and increasing the Geodon. Im on 160mg Geodon a day; seems to work well with few side effects.
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