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  1. I thought of you today.
    Still have your number in my phone.
    I miss you.  Very much.

  2. On this date three years ago was the last time I heard your voice. I’m so sorry for not doing more and trying more to make sure you were okay. I miss your brilliant mind, all of our talks. I love you always Kate 

  3. I love you always 

  4. Another year without you here has passed (although I am a few months late in writing this). I hope you've found peace and happiness, wherever you are. ❤️ You are deeply missed.

  5. You are never forgotten <3 

  6. I love you so much, I miss you like crazy. Truly, madly, deeply always.

    1. Seahorse


      How are you now?

  7. damnit i miss you :( 

    zoey tried to take your title! i can't handle it right now :(

  8. 7 months doesn't seem real. I miss you so much, Ash can spell your name I found that out by surprise but she misses you. I love you, I'm sorry I'm messing everything up lately.

  9. You will always have my heart, I miss you more than I can describe. I'd give anything to see you and Jordyn again.  This time last year you and I were aching to be together, I was so sick but I had your shirt that smelled like you and that truly kept me going. I have never loved anyone the way I love you. I'm so sorry babe, I let you down and broke your heart and I'll spend the rest of my life hating myself  for pushing what we had away. The 6th would've been our first anniversary together, happy anniversary my love. 

  10. hi lark.

    it's so weird: i'm leaving this note as if you were going to read it and respond.

    i don't know what the afterlife holds but i hope it's either serene and peaceful or thrillingly exhilarating. you know better than i do.

    i miss you lark. much love, shari

  11. I miss you. I'm sorry. <3 

  12. Hi babe. I miss you so much. I don't know what to do I keep trying to think of what you would say right now to help me but I'm coming up short. I just find myself looking at all of our pictures. I love you and I'm so sorry, I'd give anything to hold you or talk to you one more time. I love you with all my heart and soul. 

  13. I'm allergic to hydrocodone (Vicodin/Norco/Lortab), and I'm not allowed to take my precious meloxicam when I'm on lithium therapy, so when I was in pain management I was put on muscle relaxants, like baclofen, first. It didn't do anything (neither did Soma, Flexeril, Zanaflex, etc.) Next my doctor tried fentanyl patches. He actually offered me the choice of Butrans, but it gets a bad wrap and my brothers are heroin addicts, so I felt weird about it. After putting on the first patch before bed, I woke up the next morning convinced that fentanyl was made of magic. I felt SO MUCH BETTER overnight
  14. what up larkspur

    1. larkspur


      Haahahahaa I had no idea this was a thing. Profiles are so complex now.

    2. Alien Navel Cord

      Alien Navel Cord

      I know. I admit I am not fully sure how it works. It looks like a twitter or something. I feel old.

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