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    I'm interested in trying to enjoy my life. I stumbled across this website trying to find some answers regarding my current medications and figured I could learn/contribute to a few of the topics that crazies talk about.

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  1. Holy nuts I’ve been a member since 2012 but Ive been a crazy board since 1998! My cousin had told me about this sight and I remember I was feeling super low and we had a discussion about his decision to go to a psych ward. A younger cousin but I will always remember him telling me that no one can you tell you want you need and how to feel.  It was such a profound statement for a young kid at the time but it stuck with me forever.  A couple days later I admitted myself to the funny farm and it was the best decision of my life.  Every single year,  I celebrate my entrance and exit of the psych ward because it marked a new beginning for me.  I wasn’t afraid of what others would think of me.   Depression is no longer my nemesis its more like a side chick that at times rears its ugly head and I have options to either let it take me or tell it fuck off. I take my meds, tell it to fuck oft by working through it.  Depression is a part of me but it will never define me. 

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