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  1. Try Costco. I get Provigil there. 30 day supply for $30. It is likrpe $250 in other pharmacy’s.
  2. I used to take up to 800mg of Seroquel and it really helps. Recently pdoc dropped me too 400 mg and put me on 1,000 lithium . I sleep well at night but I need naps during the day.
  3. I am glad dealing is working for you. It didn’t do a thing for me.
  4. When the pharmacy sends the pdoc a request for a refill the form has the last time you filled it. I would think it was the last time you filled the script.
  5. I just found our ny new insurance covers Seroquel XL and my last insurance wouldn’t. my question is what does Seroquel 600mg convert to in the XL form of the drug. I want to find out how much the deductible is. i know this doesn’t belong here but I have the same question with Lithium Regulat and XL.
  6. I tried everything over the counter with little help. my pdoc started me on a med called Bethanocol and it works great. It is supposed to stop the side effect of dry mouth of a few meds. i take 2 in the am and one in the afternoon. Sorry but I can’t recall the doseages.
  7. My pdoc said that the Lamictal is probably the med causing it but you would have to pry them from my hand! when I went out on disability a few years ago my memory was horrible and I couldn’t even read and retain what I had read. After about 1.5 years later I was finally able to read again. I was determined to relearn how to read again and started out with books meant for HSchool level.
  8. If you are working with an attorney be sure to give the info to them. That way it will be added to your file before an appeal. i called my Congressman who was able to move my date with the judge up. When I spoke with the Congressman’s secretary she said I should have called them sooner. worth a try.
  9. One time my pdoc had someone cover his weeken. I had never heard of him before. besides the standard bipolar meds I would add on Prolixin when needed for paranoia and hearing noises. I had taken 5mg before I talked to him. He had me double the dose and call him in an hour or so. I called back and said I could barely stay awake. He said double it and to call my own pdoc on Monday.
  10. I never had any problems working while on SSDI. 30years ago I went back to school and got my RN license. Nursing was too stressful and I never worked as a nurse. But I gained a lot of self esteem and was able to return to work. I was put on SSDI again a few years ago. I went back to school just to keep my mind occupied. My pdoc signed disability papers so I could receive preferred registration and a copy of my books on CD. nobody from SSDI said anything. I think that if it does come up you can be honest and Telling them why you are going to school and think it will be fine.
  11. I know taking a back up besides the language is a good thing. It is important to have something to fall back on in case you can't find a good job in Chinese. as far as if you can handle it is more about enough sleep and rest. Also don't let your mind churn on how difficult it is because you may start to believe it . If you can learn a language you can do Economics. I would start out with one Econ class to see how you like it. Also remember if you decide it isn't for you you can also drop it sp pay close attention to the drop date. Best of luck! YOU CAN DO IT!
  12. I would give careful consideration to having your child tested. It stays in their file forever. what if they want to join the military or police department or get top secret clearance for a defensive contractor? all of these can, and do check high school records.
  13. I take 1-2mg/day. I try not to take them all the time as my pdod said it would increase my % of getting Alzheimers. I am not to worried about that cuz he tells me the worst case scenerio on all meds. anyway, when I substitute teach I take it. I am also fortunate cuz I can go from 2mg to 0mg with only a one day taper.
  14. I have/had the problem too. Since I am on disability I have no set time to get up. I find myself getting up between 10&12 noon. i finally decided to try something new. I now get up, shower and get dressed before I just roll over and go back to sleep. i find once I shower I feel pretty good and can have a productive morning. Of course I take a nap in the afternoon. I will see if I can keep it up once winter gets here.
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