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  1. scared of what i might do to myself if left any longer

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    2. jt07


      I hope you can get some help, spongey.

    3. spongeybob


      i have to wait until tuesday, public health care sucks

    4. jt07


      I'm sorry to hear that. If you are scared of what you might do, please go to the ER or A&E. Also, can you do self soothing?

  2. still so depressed, really running out of ideas now :(

    1. jt07


      Sorry, spongey.

  3. barely keeping going at the mo

    1. jt07


      Sorry you are having a rough time.

  4. currently on clonazepam only .5 mg take it before sleep and helps keep me stable for a while the following day
  5. though he may think you dont have an anxiety disorder, AAP's may be another route that you can go down they were great for me in curbing thoughts like that i hope you come out of this poor thought process soon
  6. depression can affect any part of your life in my experience from what i can see you still want to hold your beliefs and i hope you can push through until you do again
  7. @ sylvan it also says any experience with the matter eg highs and lows
  8. @ crtclms hey ya, my diagnosis is not for bi polar though i do feature on the scale for it
  9. i remember during my diagnosis that you must have gone clearly manic to be diagnosed with bi polar that was what my psych said to me about it i feature on the scale but not far up enough to classed as bi polar
  10. sorry. im not bi polar but experience the same highs and lows without being manic
  11. i feel the same, been living withtis for a over 20 years and only diagnosed a couple o years mine seems independant of meds or anything but stress doesn't do me any good either
  12. if he had any real ability for empathy he wouldn't have changed after your case worker had gone on the third visit
  13. abilify was the miracle drug for me that helped me to deal with my hallucinations i used to get involuntary twitching of my limbs and face in the beginning as with any side effect, you need to report it to your doc incase its an adverse effect of the drug, just to be on the safe side
  14. was always disconnected from reality as well had hallucinations from an early age that i learned to hide from other people too never had real friends until i got older
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