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  1. I was recently instructed to take a higher dose of my wellbutrin. Because of this my anxiety has become much worse. I am already taking Prozac on top of the wellbutrin as well as .5mg of Klonopin twice a day once in the am and once in the pm. The reason I am posting is because I wanted to know if any of you have taken ativan or another benzo on top of another benzo that is taken daily like Klonopin. I put in a call to my PDOC but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Thanks
  2. When I get nervous or stressed out I will run my fingers through my hair and while I don't pull at it, I do enjoy seeing all the strands of hair I've managed to snag out.....
  3. I was diagnoised with it trichophagia, when I was very young like 2-4 years old. I don't know what brought it on...Just curious if anyone else has similar experiences.
  4. Your Sanity Score 141 General coping 68 Life Events 31 Depression 56 Anxiety 74 Phobias 50 Self-Esteem 50 Eating Disorders 50 Schizophrenia 30 Dissasociation 33 Mania 60 Sexual Issues 44 Relationship Issues 44 Alcohol 8 Drugs 0 Physical Issues 100 Smoking Issues 0 Gambling Issues 0 Technology Issues 75 Obsessive/Complusive 69 PTSD 67 Borderline Traits 50
  5. I was diagnosed in May 2011 and mine has been a pain to manage. I usually go in every other month for tests to see where I am at.
  6. Did any of you experience Trichotillomania (pulling out hair and eating it) as a child? What age did you have it? What do you think brought yours about?
  7. I do this too. It stems from childhood abuse for me.
  8. I just started my klon last night and it knocked me out. I took another this morning and I feel like I've been on a cloud all day....I think I might have to get some coffee.
  9. When i went and saw my psych he was the one who did a full battery of tests on me and helped me to discover that I've felt so crappy for all these years because I have hypothyroidism.
  10. Whenever I have flashbacks, it's usually at work if it is in a public setting at all. I just have to go in the back room and stare at photos of my dog, he's the only thing that calms me down.
  11. Emotional and physical abuse from a very young age (I was pulling my hair out and eating it around age 2) up until I got the hell out of my parents house at 18!
  12. Hi, my name is Kristen, I'm 22 and from the Seattle Area. I stumbled upon this place when I was looking up information on the new meds I was prescriped today. I have been diagnoised with Anxiety disorder, depression, ptsd, and adult ADD. Alot of the anxiety and ptsd stems from abuse in my childhood where as the depression comes from a few things, one of them being my thyroid disease. I JUST started treatment for all of this great stuff in May 2010. I had been on varying doses of Prozac and Ativan, but today my new psych added Wellbutrin and Clonazepam in to help with my ADD and Anxiety. Growing up my family was not supportive about pscyhiatric help, in fact it was frowned upon. Fortunately now I have a very supportive husband and some loving animals. Another thing of luck is that my boss has some mental health issues himself, so he totally understands how to talk to me without sending me into a frenzy.
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