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  1. RT @HannahtheOT: Go away drs. Show therapy and talking. Pleaseeeee. Sorry but please. #Bedlam

    1. bpladybug


      could you stop posting your ridiculous tweets?

    2. bpladybug


      they obviously are NOT meant for anyone here on CB

  2. I AM A BANANA in @EveGwendo 's somewhat stained way http://t.co/R2VeWrvCI4

  3. I love this one here -----> @vornstyle

  4. Hope the ill train person is okay though.

  5. Why We Need International Men's Day - It’s International Men’s Day, and my Facebook and Twitter is full of... http://t.co/p8AA2FiZ6y

  6. RT @AlisonCowan: The most beautiful moment of the night. No dry eyes near me. RT @scallyson: Joyce Salter a well deserved standing ovation …

  7. Watching Orange is the New Black due to Roberts Netflix addiction.

    1. hagar


      Obsessed with that show. 2nd season can't come quickly enough.

  8. RT @MarkOneinFour: Had dead interesting convo tonight about representations of non-white people in #mentalhealth stuff; way it's only about…

  9. Leaving work early to get ready for the #VMGMindAwards I have a black dress from Primark, woo!

  10. Damn it, given into Breaking Bad years later than everyone else.

    1. malachite


      It'll prove worth it. It's just as good no matter what year you watch it!

  11. Nervous as hell about the #VMGMindAwards tomorrow.

  12. Threw up again after 2 days. Okay them. Just in time for my friends 3 day visit.

  13. Crikey, I also recognise half the staff because I did my placements in SLaM! *waves*

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