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  1. best of luck with the doc... and maybe u can write down what u want to say on a word doc and copy and paste it on the chat part of skype, if u think writing it will help. anyways, let us no what happens and how u are if u want to
  2. your not alone im always free to chat if u need it/or want to.. and so many others are too... that sounds like a good idea the gloves.. at the start even sitting on my hands helped a bit if i really could not help doing it, it can be hard to break the habbit... i wish you the best of luck..
  3. i used to have the same thing, i pick at my fingers and my gnat bites, cut skin of the sides of my fingers, and even rip at the cuticles all the time, they even get infected and scar.. however i still pick at scabs and things, it was so hard not to pick my tattoos! like u is something i do with out thinking most of the time, but have even looked to be able to do.. but i had to confront it as i have had side effects of this behavior, i had to have the most painful thing done to my feet where i was screaming in pain, as i had so much damage done to the nails from cutting them so much and so b
  4. hi zennobia, sounds like your going though a hard time, sorry to hear that... they only advice i can give you is that not every drug works for every person, so you have try different ones to find the one that works for you.. i have tried lots of drugs and some have reacted very badly and other have worked... ust stick at it and see if there is one that good for you... sadly most drugs and side effects, i found that not reading them helps me (i get really freaked out about things like that) you have to remember not all the side effect happen for all the people, drug effect people differentl
  5. Hay, i'm having sum trouble turning the sound off in chat.. i tried clicking on the bell but its not working, tried refreshing the page, logging off and cuming back on, but nothing helps.. is it just me thats having trouble?
  6. hay im just checking in... how are you..
  7. poor thing... sorry you feel like that... it really sucks... i dnt think that your stupid for feeling like that is very understandable...
  8. hi Frankie, i no exactly how you feel.. im 20, and ive been a cutter from about 9... i no what your talking about, when i was younger all i wanted was the pain to stop... i really did, and physical pain is nothing to the emotional pain that was like my chest was ripped open and salt was rubed in the cuts, and i would cut burn do anything to remove sum of it.... i would have done anything to make the pain stop, i saw a bus and wanted to tho myself under it.. i wanted to jump off building, i had this dare devil attitude to life, wanting fate to kill me and make the pain stop. im coved in scars,
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