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  1. What has been your experience with Wellbutrin? Pros and cons? What does make Wellbutrin different from other antidepressants? Does it stop working after a while?
  2. Today I turned and saw "someone" dressed in white out of the corner of my eye. When I turned again there was nobody. Why is it that some people see on the corner of the eye and not when looking straight? Who are we seeing?
  3. If you could have an online way to help you with your mental health what would you like? How do you imagine it? Something that doesnt exist yet
  4. Autoimmunity starts way before it affects the thyroid. It is a slow process. Autoimmunity can be caused by certain viruses such as Epstein Bar (the one that causes mono). Have you changed your diet after the dx? Supposedly gluten and dairy can worsen autimmunity
  5. I do not like small talk. Do you not like small talk? Do you know the reasons why?
  6. I have been an introvert all my life, prefer doing activities by myself, avoid eye contact, get overwhelmed by noises, lights and loud people, crowds. What are the signs of high functioning autism? What is the difference with social anxiey?
  7. Yes, I know about the spoon theory, I can relate Small talk bores me too!!!!!
  8. 10 miles !!!! Wow you are an athlete! I walk 2 miles a day and feel happy for that. The benefits of running 10 miles must be great. I also read books although i dont listen to it while I walk There is hope! Keep on looking for things that might have help you. The 2 things that have helped me the most have been exercise and change of diet. You do not need to get out of the house to accomplish those 2! I walk on a treadmill
  9. When was the last time you went outdoors surrounded by Nature? The last time you felt sunlight on your face? Felt the clearing of the salted water of the ocean? Heard the sound of the waves?. When was the last time you exercised, moved your body and your energy? Danced? Ate healthy, comforting and nutritious foods? Sang? Repeated some affirmations? Thought positive thoughts? Meditated? Followed your passions? Talked to a friend? There is no way I get depressed doing these things..... What helps you?
  10. I am an introvert but I can be social at the same time. However I find that I cannot be sociable and nice 24/7, all day long. It is as if my sociability has an expiration time, after that I no longer want to be with peoole, I become moody if I have to, I need to recharge. Does your sociability has expiration time?
  11. I find I am always in a rush, I want to get things done, be productive and do not have patience with others. Do you want to accomplish things quickly? Do you find you do not have patience with others who are slower?
  12. And hypothyroidsm affects mood. Is your hypothyroidsm being treated?
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