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  1. There are ilnesses that are inherited. That doesnt mean that both people will suffer to the same degree. There are multiple factors involved...maybe you will be reunited with her someday....who knows?
  2. What if we do not compare one person with another but compare a person with himself/herself? Would the prognosis of the illnesss change if the same person got ill during college years vs after working for many years? Would the person be more equipped to face life challenges?
  3. Does the stage of life in which you get ill determines your prognosis and course of the illness? For example a person who gets ill after graduating from college and working several years will be more equipped to face life than a person who got ill and never worked (getting ill in the college stage of life or before)??
  4. Great questions! This is my opinion. 1) I think you are able to have a relationship. Concerning work, only you know the amount of hours that you could be productive. In my case it is usually 4 hours. That is why I would prefer a freelance job. 2) Focus on strategies to mitigate your symptoms regardless of if it is going to worsen, maintain or improve over time. Once you have the strategies, you will be able to mitigate your symptoms 3) Depends on the person 4) I really live the present. Make the best of each day. If you still want to plan for the future I would plan the near future with your current situation
  5. This question is different because it is asks about a depressive episode not a manic one. The warning signs might be different.
  6. Have you checked your thyroid? Thyroid medication really helps in cases of hypothyroidsm
  7. How do you know an episode is starting? Which are the symptoms or warning signs?
  8. I relate with this so much. I could have written it myself. The questions anout the meaning, the if it is going to go away, the loving myself as I am now, the suffering, the effects of hormones and menopause, the spirituality All I can say is make the best of each day. Do not worry about the future
  9. During summer people are exposed to sunlight. When exposed to sunlight the body produces vitamin D which is a hormone needed by the body in many processes. The darkness of winter, diminishes sun exposure and therefore vitamin D dimishes to. There are people who test for vitamin D deficiencies and supplement
  10. Self-growth is really important for me. Actually is my main purpose in this life. I am on 2 meds. But yes, I was stable with monotherapy for many years
  11. In my opinion a certain medicine works for more than 1 issue. For example antideoressants can work for depression, but also anxiety and ocd. Also there are symptoms that ate common to different illnesses I really do not follow the typical life (marriage, kids). I keep busy in self growth. (Exercising, eating healthy, meditating, learning a new language). Follow your passions
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