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    im into earth tones birth stones and erogenous zones.
  1. I agree with crtclms. lucid dreaming is what you make of it, literally, and if you are depressed about your daily life, then you will be depressed about your life in dreams. the way i see it, everyone dreams. you can either make the most of this other realm of reality and love everything about it, including the fact that its NOT your waking world, OR you can ignore it and pay no attention to this time in your life. recent dream research is showing that not only do you dream in REM but also in deep sleep. so basically, you are spending a hugely significant portion of your life in this state. To me, im ecstatic that i even get to experience the bizzare world of dreams and play inside it. it doesn't need to be compared to daily life nor does it need to be associated with it. what i mean by this is that if you say you can control your dreams, then why make it so you see people from your waking life at all? why not just experience the unimaginable, or whatever it is you want. they are two separate entities. find what you enjoy in both of them and leave it at that. its a whole lot more simple and beautiful than many may realize..
  2. hahahaha yeah ive had similar experiences. your dream where you keep telling the story of your past dreams sounds crazy!! haha reminds me of an Escher work for some reason.. my dream themes tend to change cyclically, from vivid exciting adventures to vivd extensions of my daily life which I would often times confuse with my reality and then to abstract half-lived dreams where the setting is always dark and dreary and faded.. i agree, dreams are very fascinating!
  3. haha well i can definitely let you know where i got it from the website is http://www.dreamviews.org/content/staying-lucid-26/ its pretty much a forum specialized in lucid dreaming. the content on it is read and used by at least thousands of lucid dreaming enthusiasts. its no problem if you find that to be an unreliable source.. i found the tips really helpful in my experience however.
  4. These are all great tips. and yeah, pot is your worst enemy when your manic. all i want is some stability but this stuff rips it right out from under me, when its barely even there to begin with. and yet here i am, friday night yet again.. all my 'normal' friends goin out and smoking and drinking. i cant handle it.
  5. dreams are a trip. part of the reason you cant wake yourself up is because in the back of your head, you believe you won't be able to. heres some advice for you: once I realize Im in a dream, I do what I can to make sure I don't wake up out of it. To do this, I move around in my dream. I create the sensation of movement so that my body doesn;t realize it's actually just laying in bed. so for someone (like you) trying to wake up, stand in one spot and completely stop all movement within your dream. realize that your actual body is in sleep paralysis laying on your bed. this should wake you up.
  6. Im currently 20, been smoking every single day since i was 16 years old. Worst is Id smoke out of my 3 foot bong and i'd mix the weed with harsh tobacco, which gives you a head rush like nothing else. I stopped using so heavily a couple months ago and i feel SOOO much better. the first week off pot is relatively easy. your on this mindset like "yeah! stopping pot! I can do it!" but then that fades its the weeks after, you realize how imbalanced you have made yourself. your mood is really fucked up. the chemicals in weed act as artificial dopamine and serotonin. They activate your dopamine/serotonin RECEPTORS and the dopamine and serotonin being NATURALLY produced in your brain has no where to go, since the weed has taken care of the job for you. over time, your body LEARNS that it doesn;t need to produce as many of those chemicals anymore because you are satisfying it artificially. however, on a better note, i feel a hell of alot better now. I still havent completely quit, i smoke about 3 times a week, but ive just been slowly goin uphill for some time now. you gotta quit. that stuff is bad for you. it halts your emotional growth and stability.
  7. i relate to literally everything you said here. i avoid people i know all the time so i dont have to interact with them. I dont know what it is that makes me feel this way, but it kinda sucks sometimes. i especially relate to the thing you said about 1 on 1 with people. its almost like everyone else has some set of internal 'knowing' of the right things to say and how to bond. i always just try and get it over with. its not like i dont care about people, the few people in my life are incredibly important to me, i just cant seem to spread out that 'caring' to a whole load of people that i dont know very well. i have no interest. guys are definitely easier than girls to cross this barrier with for some reason
  8. thanks! i didnt know how to change the sub forum the post was on
  9. I find fault in everyone around me. I wish for a world with half as much social interaction. It fucks me over for some reason. I can keep up with it pretty well, but there’s still no part of me that likes it. This is probably some kind of social anxiety issue. I dread the next person I have to talk to and wish I could be in my room in my own bed. But when I’m in my dorm on a friday night (im in college) I feel this strange feeling like I need to be out doing something with friends because everyone else is. That’s why I wish everyone just did more things by themselves. The world would be such a better place. What is it I hate about social situations? I have this idea of some kind of point system happening when people meet for the first time. Someone says something that someone likes, and their points go up a scale. That person is ‘better’ in everyone’s eyes. Once everyone in the room has said something to bring themselves up to an acceptable scale, I realize that I’m the only one left. Everyone somehow has made friends with one another through some mundanely familiar phrase or idea and I’m still standing there like, I don’t know these people nor does any part of me feel like putting any effort into fishing up something creative to share with the rest of the happy campers. Does this make me crazy? Probably. .. The fact that I can’t make friends with my roommate because then I’d have to talk to her all the time since we live together The fact that I think about how each and every person in the room perceived a comment. The fact that I don’t know how to say goodbye ‘properly’. anyone else hate some aspect of socializing??? I'd be nice to know im not the only one out there.
  10. thats so awesome. i have to work my ass of to have and remember my lucid dreams. your definition of lucid dreaming is correct, but not entirely. there are types of lucid dreams you can have while not knowing you are dreaming, such as after being sleep deprived for some time. how much control do you have in your dreams? how many do u remember a night, on average? how vivid are they? if ya dont mind me askin
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