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  1. I was not disparaging ANYONE. It's simply a distinction that is lost on a lot of people.
  2. And it always amazes me how many people don't understand that they are two different things all together. I had to straighten out my own children on that one. One of them said something about "you're on Welfare..." and it hurt my feelings and made me mad. I mean they didn't know until I told them, but a lot of people see SSDI as a handout and it isn't. I worked for 30 years paying into FICA. And my SSDI BARELY allows me to keep myself and my family afloat. I would not have chosen this if I'd had a choice.
  3. I would suspect the meds over a brain tumor. 3 1/2 weeks really isn't that long.
  4. FYI...most, if not all, attorneys offer this arrangement. They charge around 30 percent of your retro payment. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
  5. This made me smile, Olga. My Mom does this. She will slip me a 20.00 now and then. She buys too much food because "it's on sale" and sends it home with me. I too got more gracious about accepting gifts from her as I got older.
  6. I got these a lot when I was younger. Probably due to sleep deprivation. As far as I know, they are perfectly normal.
  7. If this was me and it concerned a friend of my child's I think I would still think "it's none of my business", and why on earth would this matter as to how my child is treated while playing with your child. I mean I get it, I know why bigots would think you were a danger to their child because of what you're doing, but really, it shouldn't fucking matter. And it pisses me off that it does.
  8. Um...something like, "Mom and Dad I REALLY appreciate your offers of material support, but it is important to DH and I to do this ourselves"?
  9. Probably. It is so confusing, at least for me.
  10. True, true, true. God, this is also very true, for me. I was so like that when I was younger. If I can give you a ray of hope, Mika, it DOES get better. It's not an automatic plunge into all that fucked up shit. Also ditto. I'm really ambivalent about body memories. With me the way I experienced body memories was/is when, for example, someone touches me intimately. Not so much anymore when it's sexual, but I still get VERY weirded out by things like massage and other intimate exchanges. <shrug> I don't know. I'm old and it's still is confusing as fuck.
  11. I agree with Olga. That is just very wrong. You need to get it through his head how uncool it is to do that shit.
  12. And I did the opposite. I was on Lexapro for several years and found myself in an episode, pdoc added Wellbutrin and it worked and I've been on the combo since--about 2 years. Recently I increased both as my Depression was rearing it's ugly head again, but it seems to have done the trick. I love this combo. It's by far the best I've been on in many years.
  13. I make 22K per year and I qualify for the extra help program. Call them. You can sign up over the phone. (I'm remembering that you have met the 24 mo. waiting period, right?)
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