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    To continue my recovery in aa and my MI so i can live a reasonably happy life without wanting to die, still working on not wanting to die but hey death makes life worth it at some points, would you not agree?

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  1. So I have not been on in awhile and i wanted to touch base, i am now in the position to put closure on all things from my dad the one who abused me. i will recieve his flag from his military funeral and his last pair of boots and the money he was to inherit, i just wanted to know him abusive or not.

    1. Stickler


      My condolences.

    2. tired tammy

      tired tammy

      I hope you can find some peace and wish you the best.

    3. M@ri


      Wishing you the best, DMC

  2. Well i am off to help with twenty four alcathon to return with meds ty to everyone for your patients and tolerance! If you are not liking me dont comment, but to those who care and helped me i am indeblted and will hopefully be level soon ty again for you support again and happy new year may you find peace and the road rise to meet you and the wind be at your back and the sun light your path(irish proverb).peace DMC

    1. mellifluous


      happy new year dmc : )

  3. You only think you know and if you do know, i feel sorry for ya cuz its f*ckning lonely so welcome.

  4. Funny how one day i fly, then the next day not give a shit about anyone or anything woo hoo?!?!?!

    1. natatatt


      I experience that too

  5. i am happy i have been somewhat stable and followed through on being celibate and focusing on me, wooohoooooo!

  6. so did not know i could update this easily wow right from this little box

  7. Privacy and private pain have let me suffer in peace that is why I never share and I opened up and wtf there ya go, oh well seen better and worse days

  8. and that is why if you would speak to me in chat you would know me, or message me this has been taken too far i will be glad to. not on a public forum i have issues with trust sorry.
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