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  1. my family tends to hideaway and die alone. so i can only really relate to losing a strong active family member through witnessing other families experiences. have you already filled your medicare-6 tdoc appt quota for the year?
  2. ah man, that sucks. was she a matriarchal figure in the family? that can really tear shreds
  3. dan

    Hi faith.

    I hope all is well with you. I have PM's turned off so this is my only place to type a HI.

    take care

  4. dan

    hi hun,

    you still haven't made it to the blogs unless you have a private one :(

    i miss you

  5. just quoting it to show... posted at 8.50 but it says 8.24 i'm going batshit b/c my watch stopped
  6. yep, the clock's lost the plot though... i had to manually set daylight savings and it's still wrong by nearly half an hour... <i like clocks>
  7. its so hard to find a stuffed eeyore! i want one. (see the second part of my sig)
  8. i wondered where you went. i also wonder why the font size here suddenly looks bigger what was that old movie with the advert "sometimes they come back"... pet cemetary?... anyway you did come back just don't turn evil like the kittie 'k? welcome home
  9. how do i clear my cache? i'm on a mac using firefox
  10. i got asked about swollen ankles when my kidneys had a tantrum... but idk
  11. IDK but I do that. Sometimes I wake up thinking "fuck my tongue hurts"... and after conceptual analysis followed by examining the empirical evidence (it's hard to have an actual time frame for you) I realise that I am indeed still biting down on it rather firmly. I also sometimes have trouble deciphering between whether my mouth is open or shut at these times and fiddle around trying to find my tongue with my fingers to examine it... too numb and zombied to realise that i'm just hitting teeth and a little stub of tongue. I have real proprioception issues with a seizure hangover after a suspected nocturnal funk. But me doing it doesn't necessarily mean it's seizury.
  12. Stasis

    So,Imperialist running dog......

    has the gauntlet

    been tossed???.

    Bring your second,you choose location,

    I choose Weapons,

    the sea will run red,the sun dark at noon.

    Hemmm Yeah,stasis

  13. sometimes i find talking to people diffucult because the information goes in but just stops... apparently i grunt a lot and not much else, then days later the info i've been told will process and i can go back to the person to answer questions and stuff, then social ineptness comes in and i'm too embaressed to bring it up, then i obsess about it and get anxious... then finally get around to revisiting the conversation once the person has forgotten about it and it doesn't matter anymore
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