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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I honestly don't know if I need off of all antidepressants, on a different one, or (according to my therapist) possibly a whole different type of med, being a mood stabilizer. All I do know is that I feel horrible about every single day of my life even if it isn't the whole day. I have terrible mood swings constantly, but unfortunately never into a great mood. Semi okay is about the best I get. And that's even rare...
  2. Thanks again for replies. I tried prozac in the past, like ten years maybe, and had problems with it. So I was curious if zoloft or some other ssri could work instead. Although today I was wondering if I should even bother attempting effexor when there's other meds I need off of. I was just trying to get my mental health semi straight before trying to get off subutex. I was recently prescribed lamictal, but I'm on too many meds making me too tired to go adding that. I'm just so stuck & non functional....
  3. If you don't mind my asking sylvan, how did you go about it? I've read about taking the balls out. I'm on the lowest dose now, 37.5, so I'm not sure exactly where to start. I tend to be very sensitive to meds, not to mention get side effects even at lowest doses. I've been on it for 5 years now I think. But, recently diagnosed bipolar II, which might explain the fact it stopped working after the 1st to 2nd year. Not that it ever worked that great. But prior to effexor, I thought I was treatment resistant as did my doctor. Like I said, I would like to get everything posted somewhere. Thanks again
  4. Thanks for the replies. I guess I'm just willing to try almost anything cause I've heard that Effexor XR can be the worst withdrawal of all antidepressants...
  5. I'm curious if anyone has ever heard of or tried taking supplements for antidepressant withdrawal? I'm in the process of writing a more detailed post, or maybe should be a blog, about myself. I'm still really new to this, I did post some detail under who the hell are you, but I kinda forget what I wrote (geez, that's what's years if meds do to ya, well me anyhow). So to get to the point, I'm "attempting" to wean off, or at least down, on Effexor XR. Been researching tons and came across a sight that suggests using supplements. Heard of? Tried? Maybe just a money making scheme? I obviously have no idea. Any thoughts would be appreciated...Thanks
  6. Also, wanted to say to "experimental", I can't speak for anyone else, but I've definitely been there & I'm sure that many others have as well. I truly feel for you. It's unfortunate for any human being to have to feel this way! For myself, I haven't been the happy type since I was a child, so I don't much know any other way than this. I'm sorry that I don't have any suggestions..but I can honestly say that YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
  7. Just wanted to say thanks again for all replies. & curious as for Emmitman (sorry if I got that wrong I cant see the name now), I do remember Chris though.... it's nice to know your not completely alone, although it feels like it. Also, its terribly hard for me even functioning day to day. If you don't mind me asking, & only if you wish to answer, are you on meds for the CFS? It's hard to get the help I need, when I'm too tired to go to the darn appointments! I know there's no miracle med, trust me,i know. But just to be able tho semi function how I need to...
  9. Thank you all for your replies. I have been looking everywhere, even on the home page, for the full version or whatnot button...so I guess it did disappear on me (like the last reply mentioned). So I will try restarting the browser like the 1st reply suggested. Which by the way, main reason that I wanted off mobile view, is I can't find how to go into &/or change my user info on mobile...
  10. I've been using my phone every time. So I saw you could switch to mobile...but now I CAN'T GET BACK TO REGULAR WEB VIEW? THANKS
  11. Sooooo tired, can't think or move

  12. Thanks for the replies;) Since I'm new to here, I guess this should maybe go in another place...but I just wanted to say, that I did try taking deplin last night. Only took half of a 15tab, due to if there's side effects to be gotten,i get them! Anyhow, oh my goodness I AM SO EXTREMELY TIRED TODAY,I CAN'T EVEN THINK STRAIGHT! I think when I feel a little better, I will look around on here & figure out where to post stuff like this. Thanks for listening though...
  13. I'm not even sure where to start...so I'll just try to go with my recent situation. I've had depression & anxiety for over half my life, so still dealing with that. At some point developed a huge drug addiction problem (worse thing EVER for people who already have mental problems!!!!!! I don't know if your mind ever gets right again:( &i mean EVER! Was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrom at least ten years ago. Found out about a year ago, pretty positive it's narcolepsy. Fought to not get on yet another medication, until I couldn't handle the fatigue/difficulty functioning. Was already on Effexor XR, xanax,& Subutex (still am on all 3). And ended up on Provigil. After 10 months of Provigil, thought I was losing my mind at the end! Went off cold turkey about a month ago, & SEVERELY SUFFERING FROM FATIGUE & DEPRESSION:( Of course there's like 1,000 pages I could write on everything & exactly how the heck I ended up in my hell, but wanted to keep it short for now. .Just got prescribed Deplin to try after reading the reviews on here, but didn't try it yet. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I CANNOT GO ON LIKE THIS:(! IT'S TERRIBLE! SO ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE 100% WELCOME...
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