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    "I am not responsible for anyone else's unrealistic expectations of me" Phys...Richard P Feynman

    "As long as you feel a victim of your past, you can't become the hero of your future"

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  1. Anyone on Vrylar.  I searched and nothing pops up

  2. Sorry coming  back on line.  It's been a long time with many things going on.  Bette now.

    1. yara


      Figured out how to get back in.  I've been paying my contributions but didn't  try to come in here.  I've sort of pulled myself from anyone since my husband passed away in 2013.   

  3. RT @TWCBreaking: Report: A small Cessna was flipped by a thunderstorm gust estimated at 52 mph at the Daytona Beach airport around 6:30pm. …

  4. RT @weatherchannel: New image of major #earthquake damage near epicenter in Nagarote, Nicaragua via @CANAL15NIC: http://t.co/4WpRlE9f7S

  5. .@SenBillNelson I am a constituent of your district & I ask that you please support IRFA http://t.co/DLdwnh6W #FairNetRadio

  6. Hi....I did this only while on Lamictal. Now that I've quit it, it has gotten better. It is not totally gone. I haver to proofread a lot and excuse myself as well. I substitute with both Spanish and English and sometimes I just 'make' up a word with both on it. Talk to your pdoc to see if anything can be done about it. I was on 400 mg.
  7. That's why they call them 'cocktails' we each have one. check around the profiles. most people have at least 4 if bipolar. I'm down to 3 and that's unusual for now. Just make sure your pharmacists knows everything you are taking and check any over the counter drugs with your pdoc and pharmacist. Take everyhing as prescribed, no illicit drugs, no drinking. Check everything with pdoc.
  8. For me, it's how I 'feel' about it, If I can think of getting up and doing it but don't do it, then to me it is lazyness. If I can think of doing it but I am stuck by magnets to my bed..then it's depression. Fortunately for me, my hub makes me shower everyday and cooks food so I eat it. He is also with me all day, so I have someone to distract me. Of course, if you have quaker parrot from hell, she won't let you sleep, so you can't sink very low if you know what I mean. Run it by pdoc, to see if there's something s/he can do. Like mine always manages to ask me questions and depending on what I answer he says 'get off your butt or why don't we try this medication' good luck and above all keep your wonderful sense of humor
  9. Hi, I don't know about the drugs you are on. Are you a female? could it be menopause? or some other other sort of hormonal imbalance? Hope you feel better!
  10. well, in could be practically anywhere at west of US, not sure what the heck the NASA thing is though. It could also be somebody's sense of humor to scare people off.
  11. Hi Koali....i don't have your exact combo but I can rule out a few. It's no the insulin, the cogentin or the vitamins. vistarill i used it to sleep only and it didn't harm. I don't know about latuda and wellbutrin.....talk to your pharmacist maybe they can help I wish you luck, i know the frustration when you are having such a complex cocktail
  12. sorry, Have they checked your hormones, i lost my period for a few months due to high prolactin from risperdal. All these drugs do mess with us but somehow you just have to put up with. good luck yara
  13. Thanks for posting. Elvis i love your sense of humor! yara
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