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  1. Isn't that what Pot Noodle is? *scratches head* Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
  2. Thanks! The psychiatrist I saw was a big fan of low doses and severe anxiety. My next bloods are due in February. Unless of course it gets bad enough to check in with that sooner. They don't feel so sore, and seem to have gone down a bit. But I'm keeping an eye out.
  3. Thanks. Well, just in general really, like on courses related to mental health. And to my GP and maybe my parents.
  4. I went to an Understanding Anxiety course today. Only 7 people turned up though, which meant that the trainer focused on individuals a fair bit. I felt like I was back at school and didn't know what to say really a lot of the time. I did realise that my anxiety is like a secret that I actually struggle to talk about. I know I've had years of therapy, and I did sort of talk about it there, and I understand a lot. But there's definitely this secretiveness about it for me, probably because of the way that I was brought up. Can you help me talk about my anxiety? Thanks.
  5. I just wanted to update and say how things are going pretty well. No munchies. No weight gain. No lethargy and emotional numbness. Legs no longer restless, except rarely [have been totally fine for 2 days now, totally restlessness free]. I have more energy, and I deal with things step by step, I feel more in control of taking care of myself. I'm still ruminating [ha!] on the teeth thing.. My glands are still swollen.
  6. Could you make a chart of when everything is due, like a sticker type chart?
  7. Yes, but I can't seem to identify what exactly. Is it cold where you are?
  8. You never know, you might be fine with it, and it might help limit all the anxiety that is keeping you isolated... you never know unless you try.
  9. I've literally not been for decades and may well have to in the very near future. How do they work with the NHS/private thing? I can't work it out! I want to be an NHS patient, not private, as it's cheaper, but what makes you eligible? Thanks!
  10. Hoping that you're all ok after the recent terrorist attack. I was actually travelling on a train through London Bridge station at the exact time it happened. I'm OK. though I feel a bit shaken up, but ok. Check in here if you like.
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