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    Reading, creative and journal writing, creative dance, online forums, recovery, modern art.

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About Me

I'm creative, sensitive and intense! I enjoy reading, reflective creative writing, creating therapeutic art, helping people, and being in nature. 
I'm diagnosed with
*Recurrent Depressive Disorder - Moderate [chronically so]- principal diagnosis
*Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder - Borderline type [+ PTSD/trauma]
*Anorexia Nervosa - Restrictive type.
Also IBS, Osteopenia and chronic pain
Therapeutically, I have CPTSD. 
I'm prone to psychotic episodes under stress. 
I was in long term analytic private psychotherapy for 15 years. I recently completed a course of NHS ED Cognitive Analytic Therapy. I have regular monitoring and support from my GP, and psychiatric support as needed. 
I'm a part time carer for my elderly parents, responding to their varying needs. I'm not employed at present because of my fragile mental health, though I'm working towards it by one day a week as a volunteer admin assistant at my local food bank. 
I'm prescribed Vortioxetine, which is a 3rd line anti-depressant in the UK. I have just weaned off a year of Aripiprazole, 5 mg to go onto Olanzapine 2.5 mg, because of akathisia side effects.
My whole mental health bundle has been caused by abuse and trauma, and emotional neglect, as well as genetics.
My particular focus is to learn compassion for myself, and hopefully to reduce my social isolation

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