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  1. Tell me your instagrams please!

  2. I like being super forgettable and assumed to be of extremely low intelligence. It's really nice.

  3. I actually feel attractive today, what a strange feeling.

  4. I no longer have any debt, I'm both relieved and sad because this means I can't eat till next week, but I won't be harassed any longer.

    1. Wooster


      Congrats! Emergency food bank time?

    2. Mim


      Well done on being out of debt!

  5. In honour of the hair thread I dyed my hair and I look like a mermaid, I'll show you in the morning

    1. M@ri


      Can't wait to see your fancy new hair!

  6. I'm going to be 22 tomorrow, so scared. Good thing I remembered to hide my birthday on facebook.

    1. Crazyfroglady
    2. cipher


      you can hide your birthday????????? HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS???


      i hope it went ok for you, fellow virgo! mine was on the 6th. and i went to sydney to avoid it...

  7. I'm starting to feel good about this book I'm writing.

  8. i have a cold, I hate breathing through my mouth.

    1. lifequake


      I hope it is a short-lived cold. Feel better!

    2. Wooster


      Ugh... I hate that too... makes it harder to sleep. Rest well.

    3. Likeabowlof0ranges
  9. I decided not to drive interstate, not tonight I'm really tired.

  10. The key to not getting caught is to keep your mouth shut.

  11. My Tdoc cancelled on me like thirty minutes before I was supposed to show up, whatever I didn't want to go anyway.

  12. I just went shopping for like a family of four, like a ridiculous amount of snackfood and sandwich and family dinner ingredients. Either someone comes around here or I'm going down to the homeless shelter in the morning.

  13. I just went shopping for a family of four, like a ridiculous amount of snack foods and things for sandwiches and family dinners. Either someone comes around here to eat it, or I'm going Dow

  14. Fever dreams are the absolute worst :(

  15. Does anybody want to Kik and talk to me? Message me if you do.

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