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  1. Oh man, I hate phone calls. I call my doctors before they open and ask for a time, a specific one and then when they call back I don't pick up, then they send a text and I reply to that. I hate it so much that I do it. I just wish they would implement an email system. Once I even sent my doctors a letter, by post asking for an appointment.
  2. Tell me your instagrams please!

  3. I hate vegemite with a passion. But most importantly you just want to SCRAPE some on to the toast, don't go spreading it like it's peanut butter. Some one told me the dynamite analogy, it's like dynamite you want enough to do the job, but not so much that it kills you.
  4. Good luck! Don't lose hope, just try and stay calm, no matter what it's going to be okay after this. Hope you got something nice planned for after.
  5. That is a lot of grudging. Yes sometimes, if the dreams point to them feeling a little lost or depressed they can get a tad defensive about it, but that's understandable. I'm not sure where I got it from. Unrelated but I've been to a few psychics (I have friends into it) and a few of them have told me I'm psychic (I'm not) I just get really weird / bad de ja vu a lot.
  6. I have a dream for you to interpret! Mind if I PM? Yeah go for it!
  7. This is a good idea. I play ukulele, people seem to get a kick out of that I have two webbed toes (not like fully webbed but partially) I used to find it super gross but I think it's funny now. I'm good at interpreting other people's dreams, people tell me that I help them realise their true feelings and I kinda believe it
  8. I relied to your other thread, but I read this one and I'm confused as to why you split it up! But yeah check the other one. Generally when your are talking about the same situation you keep one thread going.
  9. Sup fellow Australian. Well, it's pretty likely you're going to have to take your pants off. It will be difficult for them to do anything about it otherwise, I know it's not pleasant, but you can ask them what they are doing, what are they feeling for etc. Mine always said exactly why she was doing anything, not that I really cared for the details. But I only ever had a check up. If you don't take your pants off I don't know what happens, but really you're only disadvantaging yourself. They don't want to expose you to make you feel bad, they want to help you. This is there job, there is no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. I suggest not tampering with the letter, they can probably tell and get hold of your records if they wanted directly (not sure just a hunch). Doctors do all kinds of silly stuff with including MI diagnoses. But if your gp is being disrespectful or you don't like them which sounds like you don't then consider a new one. You have to be the advocate for your body.
  10. Right I have returned with the promised update. Last night there was a group gathering and that kinda got out of hand with this heated debate about forgiving cheaters, and he said he could understand why it happens and a few of his friends ganged up and accused him of cheating, it was nasty stuff. I stayed for a bit after to chat, he actually bought it up. He apologised if it made me uncomfortable, I said it didn't but because I seemed to enjoy it when I was sad he wanted to keep doing it so that I would feel safe and loved but he's not romantically into me and offered to stop, he just feels safe and close to me. I said we could keep doing it, but if it got weird I was going to tell him and he agreed.It was weird for about four seconds but after that everything resumed into being easy.
  11. I will try and raise the subject next time I see him which will be on Sunday. I feel very safe and I don't feel uncomfortable. I think a large part of the problem is that I don't know how I would feel if it progressed I mean I'd mostly be curious I think but that isn't good enough reason, but at the same time I am content for things to stay the same. I really need to get a handle of my own emotions haha.
  12. thankyou sys It's never been too much, but I'm pretty certain he would let me change the subject easily if I couldn't deal with it. I just don't want to be somehow making it worse for him.
  13. Titania, He didn't make me cry for being mean or pushy it's just something I tend to do when people ask me what's wrong, I get weird when people seem interested in why I'm sad. I don't think that part was foul intentions. But it is a good point Titania. But you're right, if someone is crying then it does seem within context too offer to cuddle them. I figure that since he gaged a positive reaction from that they he probably thinks I am interested. It did seem very easy and not weird at all the affection thing, but I am clueless about cues and things. The emotional intimacy thing is right though. We seem to be very similar people and we share a lot. How can you tell if you're being used for emotional intimacy? I like being there for him and I do care a lot, I don't feel used but I really don't want to be. The crushes he has talked about has been that he has confessed to liking someone and 3/4 times the other person hasn't reciprocated which has caused a lot of depression on his behalf, the time that it has it ended quite badly. It's been identified that we both have 'saviour complexes' which I try to be aware of, but he was the one to bring it up first. Sorry to derail my own thread, but he does talk at length about trauma and I like to think I am a safe person to talk about this and this is what he says when he talks about it and that he finds it a good release, is it unusual for someone to be keen to talk about this regularly? Or is it helpful for one to talk it out to a friend?
  14. No that was not dumb it was helpful emperor, I appreciate any and all perspective and speculation on the matter I mean I think I like him, but I doubt myself all the time. I wish I knew clearly yes or no haha. Communicating does seem like a good idea. I'll try and think of a way to phrase it.
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