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  1. Yes, it’s on the list of possible substitutes, but I’m leaning against it because we were able to remove it so easily. That makes me question what it was adding. thanks Will—I’m frustrated that I may have to go off lithium, but I’m trying to not resign myself to that.
  2. Yes, twice. The second time I got hallucinations when I raised it to 250mg but not before that. I was on way too much medication, so it got cut without causing any problems.
  3. So we've learned through experimentation (isn't that fun?) that lowering the lithium to 600mg without adding something new is not enough. I started having pretty intense low mood w/ accompanying dysphoria, loss of interest in things, and difficulty with work. It was only 150mg, so I didn't think it would do that much. It was also still at a 0.6 level, so technically therapeutic. But apparently not good enough for me. I'm back on 750mg with a plan to see a nephrologist 12/15. I'm hoping that she won't say I have to come off the lithium, but if she does, I'm going to have to start on something else.
  4. Gotcha. I figured there was probably a reason it wasn’t raised, but I couldn’t remember what it was.
  5. I'd think that adding something makes sense because it seems like you're maxed out on zyprexa (I think?). Remind me of your experience with lithium and ADs? I also can't speak to clozapine, so I don't want to suggest that it's not worth considering. I just personally can't speak to it.
  6. Anxious. Meeting with pdoc in a few minutes and I need to tell her about the crappy mood and related symptoms.
  7. thanks @Antecedent. If each causes/impacts the other, perhaps a treatment that is geared at biochemical (med change/alteration, sigh) will impact both.
  8. thanks--for a while it was contributing to weight loss, but that seems to have halted. I don't have the bandwidth to do more than what I'm currently doing though.
  9. I walk about 40 minutes most days. Sadly, I haven’t found the mood boost related to it. sorry, not intending to be dismissive. It’s just frustrating to have something that’s supposed to help not pay off.
  10. Thanks everyone. Good to know that I'm not overly complicating things and that they likely are intertwined. I don't really have a good way to release the work anxiety. It's based on the nature of my job and seems to just come with the territory. I'll try to give it a bit more time. That said, my tdoc said that it's good that I have a pdoc appointment soon (Wednesday), so maybe he leans toward biochemical.
  11. How do you tell if depression symptoms are situational versus biochemical? In short, I have a slew of work-related anxiety that could be triggering a low mood state and I also had a recent med change (lowering lithium) that could be causing it. Any suggestions/thoughts for how to figure out and treat the cause?
  12. Thanksgiving we decided was not feasible. I only get Thanksgiving day and don't have enough accrued leave to take the Friday off, so I'd have to go up and back really quickly. I'll be ordering delivery the day before and reheating it while chatting with my parents over Zoom. I'm supposed to get a COVID test the Saturday before Christmas and then quarantine up until the day that I drive to my parents' house (likely Christmas Eve because of work situation). I'm crossing my fingers that that's a realistic plan. Christmas Eve will be my parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. Christmas Day is likely the same. My family's quite concerned about COVID. I would be scared if they weren't. I think you're being realistic to say that there's a risk and that it's not one you're comfortable making.
  13. i've had to use it in the context of PHP/IOP before. Not with individual providers. It's always been problematic and been something I have to modify because of the bipolar. The most recent PHP did it as rating depression, which was easy because at the time I usually wasn't depressed. But I was dealing with hallucinations, which weren't a part of their scale. And a prior PHP did it as "mood." They saw numbers like 9 and 10 as good - not depressed. But with bipolar, a 9 or 10 could mean manic. We had to define 5 as good and departing in either direction as bad. In short...I don't like it. My current pdoc does symptoms and that works a lot better for me. My mood app does mild, moderate, and severe for depression, for elevated mood, for irritability, and for anxiety. That also works.
  14. thanks @Juniper29, that's helpful to consider. Now that you mention it, I had a bad reaction to a drug that works wonderfully for my mom (lexapro). So maybe not worth worrying over. Thanks @jarn. I know through my former support group of two people who are doing really well on depakote. It's just so much easier to get anxious over the horror stories. As of now, this isn't necessary to worry about. My pdoc wants to see if reduced lithium will do the trick but psychiatrically and kidney-wise.
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