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  1. what symptoms are you trying to target? and what side effects (beyond weight) are you concerned about?
  2. I know it was just a crappy comment, but it’s still getting to me.
  3. Thanks Cheese. I appreciate that I’m not the only one who finds it inappropriate. I also carry my weight in my stomach area. What sucks is although I’ve lost 35 pounds I have another 30 to go.
  4. I was doing really well until someone asked me how far along I was. I said I was just fat. I could have been more tactful with my response, but I want people to learn that it’s not okay to ask that question.
  5. that does make sense and is interesting. mood dysregulation seems to match more where I am coming from. She wondered whether mood instability/fluctuations would be similar and I said that it seems at least somewhat...I just only ever really got this set of symptoms/situations/issues when I was in DBT-world, where the dysregulation piece (really of all types) is pretty predominant.
  6. Barge away. Completely helpful. context is that I’m dealing with either mild depression or just emotional dysregulation or both. So we did a conservative med increase, which seems to make sense.
  7. So is emotional dysregulation language that’s only used in DBT land (where I first heard it)? Or is it a broadly understood term? asking because my pdoc asked me to define it today and I was curious that she didn’t seem to know what I meant.
  8. I’m pretty sure it’s psych, but good to keep in my back pocket as something to know.
  9. Crappy and I don’t know why. Kind of like I’m coming down with the flu, but I’m fairly sure I’m not.
  10. Happy that it’s the end of the week. Sad that it’s going to be an entire day of doing a job I don’t like.
  11. thanks sugarsugar. key things to keep in mind. my friend and I are going to the beach on Saturday (it's a 2 hour drive, so it turns into her coming over Friday and probably staying overnight Saturday, so it's more like a beach weekend). I confirmed that she was really still interested in going.
  12. Anxious and bored. I’m 3.5 hours in on an 8.5 hour day. Trying to recognize that it’s a privilege to have a job that to some degree works for me.
  13. thanks Rabbit, lots of things to consider. My friend and I talk pretty consistently, so I should hopefully be able to gauge things at least somewhat.
  14. thank you both. helpful hints. I've been fortunate to not end up in this situation much.
  15. I don't think I've ever felt so compelled to defend myself. I'm resisting the urge to say how many hospitalizations or how much short-term disability or accommodations or whatever. Because it's not worth it. And it's also not a requirement for someone to have that kind of crap and have a mental illness. I don't need to prove my level of mental illness. And if it's actually giving me a small break of remission, that's something to be happy over, not feel guilty about (though I still do struggle with guilt that others are still struggling). So I won't play that game. Count me out.
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