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  1. Is Zyprexa more sedating at lower doses? or at higher ones? or is there no difference? I'm asking because I'm going off zyprexa progressively (maxed at 22.5mg, now at 7.5mg, having gone down 2.5mg every two weeks) and I strangely feel increasingly tired. So I'm curious if the tiredness is the zyprexa.
  2. it sounds like you have a whole lot of symptoms going on. It seems like something medication can help with. Have you only taken abilify and seroquel? If so, there are so many more options out there.
  3. that;s about how much I worked today also, though mine was split into more than two segments. I'm sorry you're feeling worse today. Do you feel ready to talk with pdoc tomorrow? Maybe get a new idea on the table?
  4. sleeping sounds like a perfectly acceptable option right now.
  5. Also...I've fairly recently (last two years or so) had issues with sleepwalking, so it's possible my brain is primed to act in that way. It's happened rarely, but it's happened and no ambien to blame.
  6. Sorry, I debated whether to say anything because I didn't want to scare you. It's reportedly a good drug for a lot of people. I'd hate to see you turn away from it with my limited data point.
  7. Ambien gave me pretty weird parasomnias. I held a tea party with my then dog in my sleep (noted by then girlfriend). I also mixed ingredients in the kitchen and carried items around the house. No memory the next day. I don't think that's typical. but it has been known to happen.
  8. I’m glad you reached out to pdoc and Toby (and here). I could see how it is possibly ocd, possibly command hallucinations, and possibly both. good to be safe.
  9. I've had what sounds like similar things before. I think it wouldn't hurt to call pdoc--can you say what you said here (that you're not feeling suicidal but do feel down and think they're OCD-related)? This feels like one of those better to be safe moments.
  10. thanks jarn. I'm definitely less productive. In a really not good way.
  11. For those who are working from home...how do you keep your work ethic up? How do you maintain motivation to do the job, when each day looks like the last day? Just wondering because I'm struggling with it currently.
  12. I'm so happy for you. That's great that it's been so helpful.
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