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  1. I’m there with you harp. Wellbutrin made me really irritable and jumpy and sent me on the road to a mixed episode. We fortunately squished it quickly, but there was definitely a problem. lithium and lamictal combination is for me.
  2. A little bit anxious because of my parents coming into my town fairly grateful for the same thankful for the wisdom of al-anon
  3. Mines 530, but I sympthize. im mostly looking forward to my parents visit (a combination of anxiety and appreciation) im mostly glad that we have a holiday weekend in the US (mostly just because it gives me something to do with myself).
  4. Mine has gotten progressively more symptomatic when it comes to major episodes, though I just got out of a very short and quick episode that didn’t require a hospital stay...so maybe that’ll start a new trend. prior to this new one, I hadn’t had an episode that didn’t at some point require hospitalization. My first two could have gone without, but it was my first introduction to mental health and I didn’t feel safe out of the hospital, so I pushed them to admit me. That episode was purely depressive. The second episode (2009$ was predominantly depressive with what I would now consider a brief manic and psychotic blip at the beginnjng. 2016 and 2017 were a combination of mixed, manic, and psychotic (depending on what specific time period you are referencing). They required the longest hospital stays and landed me on short term disability.
  5. Somewhat less anxious. I credit meeting with a former college classmate who works at my new employer. I also credit Xanax.
  6. Not as tired as I want to be. Waking up at 5:30am tomorrow means I should be falling asleep any minute. My brain has desired to fight that.
  7. thank you both. definitely a situation of different things work better for different people. The 0.25mg leads to a feeling of normalcy that I haven't had in a while (I had it when I was with luvox somewhat), to the degree that I remember what "normal" feels like. I'm going to take my second dose in about an hour (the hours are off because of me waking up later than normal. I can't imagine coming anywhere close to 1mg, much less 3mg.
  8. thank you both. it helps to hear different perspectives. i haven't heard of accountability partners! interesting. I occasionally have doubt when I hear the other person say things that are really helpful, but I don't really need to have doubt because there's nothing against both of them being helpful. Both were listed as willing to sponsor, so I think either in theory could have been an option.
  9. I hear you. I’m having to decide for the first time in my life and it’s been a bit overwhelming, but my trick was making my pdoc happy. I checked her coverage and asked her request and have gone with that. The insurance company handout says not to choose based on doctors because that can change, but I don’t think they understand how important a good pdoc is.
  10. yeah, I've tried my fair share of non-benzoanti-anxiety meds and i've gone through most of hte benzos for one reason or another. I think mine is having me take it reularly because she's evaluating whether Xanax XR will be a good option for me. But if I don't need it I can skip it.
  11. thanks Rabbit! I'm glad that it's helping also. Fingers crossed that it'll cover me at work (taking it when I leave my condo and then once mid-afternoon), which is the big test. this is promising though.
  12. I took my first dose of Xanax ever (0.25) today around 11. I felt it kick in by 1130. It felt like what I imagine normal feels like. Brain at a reasonable speed, no physical symptoms, etc. is this placebo effect? Or can a small dose have an effect that quickly?
  13. I'm in a similar boat.
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