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  1. sorry it was frustrating. even if you can see that it makes sense, that doesn't make it fun.
  2. I'm glad they got you in. Best wishes. I'm glad that you feel motivated.
  3. I'm glad the intake happened sooner than expected. I hope you don't have to wait very long.
  4. thanks @juniper--definitely something to be cautious about. I didn't have psychotic symptoms back when I had it a few times, but I also wasn't actively hallucinating at the time. Now I've got bedtime-related hallucinations that don't seem to be fading.
  5. Thanks @Blahblah. I haven’t tried CBD oil and am open to the idea if it’s legal. I think it is, right?
  6. I’ve had a sharp increase in the frequency of nightmares. For a while, I was having one to two per week. Then I switched to one every other week. Now, I’ve had three in the past week and they’re more vivid. ive had a few major medication changes in the same time period. Could any of them be the cause? I tapered off lithium, tapered off gabapentin, and started provigil.
  7. Heard back from someone who would know. Still technically forbidden--even with a valid script--since still technically illegal from a federal law perspective.
  8. Thanks Iceberg. I’m guessing that’s probably the case for me, but I figure I would check.
  9. checking out the work impact...until I know that i'm clear on that front, I can't do it. There's a fairly high chance that it's forbidden since it's still illegal federally. I'm open to giving it a try if my work doesn't complain.
  10. thank you both. He wants me to consider using it for sleep. My anxiety is pretty bad, too, but that wouldn't be the main purpose. I'd consume some before bedtime. I've tried a lot of things and not many have been great. He would have me ask sleep psychologist first and it would depend on my pdoc being open to it. I've tried it about 4-5 times in the past and it was fine...nothing miraculous, but a noticeable lift. No psychosis, though I get that that can happen. I'll have to watch for it given the SZA.
  11. So today my therapist threw a curve ball at me. He prefaced it with a lot of "I just want us to explore the possibility and take some time thinking about it" and stuff like that. But eventually he raised the possibility of medical marijuana prior to bed. It may be a moot point because I think my work forbids it. But I've got an email in to our union rep in order to ask to be sure. Anyone use medical marijuana? I have a friend who qualifies locally, so I can work out the mechanics with her. My therapist said that he just knows a few people who have had good luck for the symptoms I struggle with.
  12. I only had two (two were congenitally missing) but I had to get both of them pulled prior to getting some oral (teeth) implants. I'm glad yours aren't hurting.
  13. sorry I missed the repiy. so insurance has turned down the prior authorization for provigil. sigh. now I've got to see if my pdoc wants to prescribe something else or try an appeal.
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