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  1. did you miss the responses where people said that either they had tried them or didn't have the financial ability to? I appreciate the info, but it seems a bit off in conjunction with the answers you got.
  2. sure...wish I had more ideas. My tdoc had me tracking what was triggering it for a while, but the only common predictor we came up with is high anxiety situations, which you already know.
  3. It' happens when I get anxious also. Not all the time--but when it's at its worst. I went to lunch with work people for the first time and it definitely happened. But I can still talk during it, I just feel like I'm looking at myself while doing it. I dont' know if that's similar or not. All I've found that helps is to try to phyically ground myself. Things like feet on the floor, hands on the chair or table, etc. The sensory stuff isn't good enough because then i check out on the conversation.
  4. Thanks—definitely really stressful. ive got a new one with a lot of issues, so it has me worried I’m going to do something wrong.
  5. thanks echo 🙂 the hard part is I have five that are waiting for first-round review, so I have a ton of built-up anxiety about how they'll go.
  6. It went pretty well. I definitely had edits to make, but it was a good start. Now I have to figure out what the next higher up person thinks since I’ve made my mentors changes.
  7. Anxious. Waiting for feedback on something I wrote from my mentor. I don’t know how pleased he will be with what I have written.
  8. Heart one doesn’t bother me because it’s just a show of support from my perspective. I’ve used it as an “I hear you” sort of thing.
  9. I don’t personally get upset, I just find the “confused” one annoying. I can put up with it. It’s just not my favorite part of things here.
  10. For me at least, it’s the one in the bottom right corner. Starts as a heart to “like” something. The irritating is the “confused” one which is frequently translated to “i completely disagree with you and don’t want to actually say why.” Not the ones in posts. but that’s just my take. I’m not sure if HB means the same.
  11. I don't know if you can do it with the prep you're using (I can't remember what mine was called), but I mixed the prep crap with a clear liquid (yellow gatorade I htink), rather than with water. It made it slightly more tolerable. But I'd check to make sure it's allowed.
  12. this may have me laughing harder than I have in months! I unfortunately don't know the solution.
  13. Relieved. I was really bored and not being productive but I couldn’t leave.
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