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  1. Thanks Harp! A friend told me to take all my meds, so I’m doing that for now. If they don’t touch then, oh well o
  2. It's been three years since my last trip to the psych ward and now I'm about the break that trend. :-( That said , because I'm out of practice, can you tell me what tips and recomendatiions (of any sort)?
  3. yeah, Ii'm pretty fortunate (for now) that this job is largely you and your computer going to town. So although it might take me twice as long to write something because I have to make sure I used the write word, it's okay.
  4. thatnks Iceberg. It could be as simply a zyprexa+S drug. Though I'm not sure which one. regadless, I'm not having any in-person meetings this week. The word-finding alone makes it challeniging and the other stuff makes it even worse.
  5. I'm still feeling the negative effects of the amantadine. But I'm also not feeling some of the parkinsonian side effect. So that's good. The downside is my current speech is slurred and I sound drunk and apparently quiet. all pseudoparkingsonian things. I'm going to have to make sure that I don't have anything in person.
  6. that could definitely be part of what's taking me out. . Because we're taking away a seating keeping aslew of sedating ones. The tirick will br fixing it.
  7. Definitely atctivating. Took first night n lilierally go no. No sleep whatsoever. We switched into morning an only add 6mgn only after a benzo and ysyprexa into the mix.
  8. thanks ieeberg. I kind of forgot that it is its own medication with side effect profile. I just hope the sleepiness is going to go away because I'm going to take a seond nap. Keeping me asleep i a way to keep me not psychotic, but I do'nt think it's the strategy my pdoc reommends. ARGH APHASIA.
  9. good to know, thsnks. I'm likly only short term too because I beleive it's t ease em off the fanapt and get rid of the psueoarkinsonianiam Words don't make sense. Trying again but leaving the original. Damn aphasia. Im likely only on amentadine for a short time also because I think the idea its to use it to wan me off of fanapt. Also any residual pseudoparkinshonianism, but there's not likey to be a ton. This is just a small example of word jubmblning. I sent an email to af riend and it literally had two straight lines of "aFEJ #303oALD KeE) etc. Two lines. .
  10. quick question - was it energizing or sedating for you? I'm finding myself exhausted an I don't know it's related/
  11. Thanks Cheese. I trust her and agree that they can figures something out. I don't think we're looking at formal neuropsych testing, but I guess it's not outide the realm of posibltiy. Thanks fo the kind words as well. so far, its's one okay, but the only changes I'm woring with are fanapt (12-9) and lamictal (200 t0 150) so it could be worse. I'm a little worried thathte amnntaine this morning made me tired.
  12. Thank you that helps to know a lot. There’s isn’t much on the site for this drug.8i
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