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  1. thanks! I'm going to have to talk with my NP about it at some point. I don't think it's urgent....at least nothing suggests that it is and I think she would have said if it was.
  2. So at my most recent NP visit, she mentioned that "we had talked about PCOS as a tiny possibility." I don't remember this conversation, but I was thrown by it enough that I didn't think to ask follow-up questions. So I'll ask here. Any good websites with info? Anyone have it? Anything I should know about it and MI?
  3. Xanax was wonderful for me, but I was worried about it being such a quick fix. I found myself frequently checking the clock for my dosage time. I wasn’t comfortable with that, so I’ve switched to XanaxXR and it’s been a gem. I do think there’s less or a risk because I can mostly take it in the morning and then not think about it but feel the effects. i wasn’t addicted to regular Xanax, but I didn’t like the feeling of wanting a quick fix.
  4. updating on new info. Saw my gyno/reproductive endo today and she looked at the list from my pdoc. She was comfortable with one if my pdoc prescribed it. It's designed to gradually lower prolatcin. She mentioned one new one that's come out and just got FDA approved, but it decreases your blood pressure and mine tested at 95 over 65 in her office, so that's a no go. I got told to drink a ton of more water and eat salt. She mentioned a drug that my psychiatrist hadn't mentioned--cabergoline. She'd be comfortable prescribing that, but only with my pdoc's agreement. She She also mentioned that sex drive is nearly always a combination of physical and psychological. On the psychological side of things, she recommended a book and accompanying work book: https://www.amazon.com/Come-You-Are-Surprising-Transform/dp/1476762090/ref=sr_1_1?crid=NX0439CEKEKF&keywords=come+as+you+are&qid=1579222869&sprefix=come+as%2Caps%2C164&sr=8-1 So we will have to see
  5. Thanks echo, I appreciate the support. I was told by one attorney that the meeting would be fine and that my supervisor would recognize these sort of things happen but that we could go out to lunch if it didn’t end up helping. my supervisor was barely understanding. He barely let me get an apology out before saying “so I actually just meant talk about what to do with the case, not about the mistake.” huge sigh of relief.
  6. Scared. I made a fairly obvious mistake yesterday and I don’t know how my supervisor will react.
  7. Anxious. I have an extra therapy session in about an hour to talk about the severity level of the SZA. My pdoc paperwork said mild, which surprised me given the four hospitalizations in two years (2016 and 2017). My therapist said we could talk about it our next session, but that’s a week from now and I would have spun myself in circles waiting so I asked if he had any extra time and he did. So here goes nothing.
  8. I can't answer your ultimate question about med recommendations because that's not my knowledge area, but I can tell you that latuda at that dose sent me completely manic and I believe it did the same to someone else I know. So that might be the culprit, rather than the solution. Are you willing to do even a small dose of zyprexa now to try to squash this thing? Because it sounds desperately in need of squashing and zyprexa is a great one to do it. It doesn't sound like a bit of sedation would necessarily be a bad thing. I'd be concerned about taking Effexor while you're in mixed/psychotic hell.
  9. I take all 200mg at night, but I've taken it split before as well. I think the goal of not accidentally ending up at 300mg is a good plan.
  10. good for a laugh. @CrazyRedhead, did you ever have a situation where your body decided to have a period during the time that you were taking provera and then had a provera-induced period later (not with much to do since I literally just had one)? I'm worried that might be happening to me right now. I started the provera 10-day on 12/26 and then got a period around 1/2. The provera doses ended and now, 8 days later, I'm getting awful cramping. It could be a coincidence, but it's so out of the normal for me that I wanted to see if it's possible.
  11. I don't think it's odd at all. As you said, about 50% of the world's population has them and yet there's this universal "thou shalt not talk about it" thing almost.
  12. chest hurting/tightness can definitely be an anxiety thing. it sounds like fiddling with the ativan dosage might make sense...do you think you could take it regularly and more often if the dosage was lower? kind of a steady state idea?
  13. they're little pentagons! for unknown reasons, that makes me happy. Maybe like certain numbers? (february 2nd is my favorite day this year because it's a palindrome - 02/02/2020)
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