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  1. THanks @Gearhead. Yours and harp's comments make sense. I'm just so damn tired of these warts and was hoing to get the "all clear" notice. I'm not sure a dermatologist attracts a lot of sick people, but point taken. I'll call to reschedule.
  2. thanks Harp. Your reply made me put out a mass question on facebook about recently experiences with metro. When I was riding there were drastically fewer people, but I can see how the fewer trains means more people. I know technically that the warts technically aren't critical, but it feels that way given that its' been over six months. Telemedicine definitely isn't a go 1) they won't be able to tell if there are still warts because the PA had to manipulate my hand at all angles to see if there was one and I can'te tell them because I would have thought we were done about three appointments ago; 2) even if they were able to confirm that there was still a wart present, they can't fix it/treat it via telemedicine.
  3. I've never been so grateful for the governor of my state (MD). That said, it's not the CA governor's fault if people are idiots and assholes and ignore the orders.
  4. I need an adult....to help me decide about a doctor's appointment. I have an appointment that was rescheduled for Friday (4//10). It was only rescheduled a few days ago with all the current restrictions in effect. So it's there on the table if I want it. I can't do telemedicine because 1) I can't decide if the warts are completely gone and 2) I can't treat them if they aren't. So..I've been treating these damn things since October easily, so it feels a bit more urgent than a dermatology appointment might in general seem. I recognize it's not a medical emergency, which is what has me debating to stay home. But...October was a while ago. I'm tired of not having this problem fixed. Getting there is an interesting question. Mass transit is running rarely and I can't handle the drive and parking myself. So it would probably mean lyft or uber. That seems risky. Or I can check the mass transit schedules and just give myself extra time. Chances are I could get trains, just not frequently. Any thoughts?
  5. thanks @echolocation. It definitely has challenges and you've named the main one--my laptop is right in the other room and I could very easily just pick it up and work. I think honestly that I could get used to it though (not that I'll have a choice...my ex who's a medic has been told to expect the rush for 6-8 weeks). I may voluntarily choose to do it once allowed. A big thing is that I wake up 15 minutes before 8 and start my work day at 8...as opposed to having to get up at 6. I used up a lot of leave not getting up in time before. To the point that my supervisor told me to feel free to make it up, just don't take advantage of it (when she heard I had a chronic condition that was impacting things). It also gives e some flexibility on how I spend those hours. I can take a 15 minute bath and tack 15 minutes on to the end of the day, for example. But yes, very hard to create the work/life situation. And I can see that as impacting my mental tiredness level.
  6. So I didn't catch that it's masks if you can't be six feet away from someone. So situations like grocery or drug stores, food delivery, etc. I thought it was an any time you're out in public. (so i just made a "mask" out of my scarf for an outdoors walk.
  7. I'm teleworking 8-4:30ish M-F. That's flexible now. They used to have core hours where you had to be working (9-3 M-F) and that you could then adjust your schedule around. For the duration of the pandemic, they're just saying "get your hours in." Which I appreciate. Not commuting does give me more time, though. I don't do much with it. I aim to read or color, but I don't do a very good job of either. I've been doing an okay job of getting a walk in. It's humorous because there's nearly always someone from my neighborhood out and we nearly always pick paths that would bump into each other. So with the social distancing thing, one of us picks a different path. And then we both smile. I watch the local (6-7) and national (7-7:30) news each night. I frequently just crash after that. I recognize it's early, but my brain is tired. Weekends I still haven't figured out what to do with.
  8. I would bet that they lost it. Do you have a copy of your own that you could give them? Or does your therapist have an extra copy that she could give you? (or do it again?) I'm so sorry that you're dealing with this right now. It might not hurt to reach out to legal aid in order to have someone on your side. you're right that the ten day window is criticlal, no matter how challenging it might be. again..sorry. it makes no sense. SSA can go screw themselves.
  9. So apparently the new Center for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a recommendation of wearing face masks (nose and mouth). This is in contrast to their previous statement that masks were not recommended. IT reportedly came in response to research that the virus can spread through talking, so someone who is asymptomatic but contagious could spread it to someone who is otherwise healthy. Which is kinda scary. What are your thoughts? Are you making a mask? (they are severely cautioning against it being medical grade and saying that the limited supply of those have to go to medical professionals). I got one on etsy. They're selling out quickly.
  10. one more voice in support. it would be against the governor's orders here also. it's phrased as doing things with members of your household, I think. not past that.
  11. We're up over 1600 cases with 18 people dead, so I can understand why the governor is a bit ticked off that people don't seem to care more. I'm glad he took the extra steps. Though like @Gearhead, it seems like it's a bit lax on what counts as essential. He's made it even fewer businesses this time, though. I know people are worried about the economy, but there won't be an economy if we don't survive this thing. @confused, I can't imagine how stressful it would be to be in your shoes right now. I get anxious enough with my errands that I run. I wish you the best. I wish I could do more than that.
  12. My governor was apparently quite ticked off that his formal order restricting to essential businesses did not get followed and prevent the infections. So, today he kicked it up a notch. Officially stay at home, excluding certain things like I can take a walk around my neighborhood or go to the grocery store. I can pay a food delivery service (if there's a food delivery service person who wants to be working). But most things are temporarily off-limits. I'm glad he did it to be honest. Apparently two very geographically close states decided to do the same today. I'm curious if they coordinated things or if it's just random. I'm not paranoid about it being either way--I'm just curious. I had therapy by phone today and it went well. This was the second phone session. We managed to cover a good deal of what I wanted to cover. There were a few "table this and talk about it later" conversations, but that happens. I'm not sure if this is the right place for a post. I think I'm just curious about who else is shelter in place and how they've been doing with it.
  13. My state hasn't even gotten to a grocery store and pharmacy only state. They restricted it to essential businesses, but defined essential business to encompass a whole range of things. I have no clue how this thing is going to end. I do think it'll get worse if we reopen too soon. The epidemiologist article that I saw (medium.com) promised that the measures we are taking work, but just that they take time. I'd rather give it time than move too quickly and have to start all over again.
  14. I'm taking a (free!) online class called "mind control - managing your health during covid-19" (available on coursera if it sounds interesting) In the intro video, the professor said "I refuse to call it social distancing. I'll call it physical distancing because that's what we need to be doing--not social distancing." So, I think the same idea. I like it.
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