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  1. Yeah, that might be the honest take on things. That it's just what I need right now. I'd just hate to get dependent or addicted to something I'm legally taking to help me.
  2. I'm right there with juniper. also anxiety gets worse.
  3. I don't consider myself dependent on xanax or addicted to it. But I'm concerned that I should know what to watch for/what to pay attention to for if I should be concerned. I currently take 0.25-0.375mg at 10am and 0.375-0.5mg at 3pm. So the highest daily dose is 0.875. I just note that I'm aware of when a dose is due. like I can tell when 3pm is approaching. I don't over do it--I've never gone over and I also only maxed out twice in two weeks. Those were particularly rough work-related days. And since we started the timed dosing two weeks ago, my symptom levels have been at their lowest in months. Anyone have thoughts on what to watch for? How would I know if it's a problem?
  4. what characteristics (person-wise) are you looking for? what skill set do you feel your therapist needs to have? what do you want to accomplish through being in therapy? I think different therapists work better for different people based off of those sort of answers.
  5. And an even bigger (but related) hooray—my A1C is 5.1, which is safely within the normal range.
  6. Upper respiratory infection with nasty cough. Feeling pretty crappy. Had to skip work.
  7. A woman’s shoe website. Seeing as my work “dress” shoes are essentially jazzed up sneakers, I think they’ve missed their target market on that one.
  8. good to see you! horrible to heaar that things are awful right now.
  9. New arrivals for J Crew. They so don’t know my budget. Or my style (or lack thereof).
  10. A random drug for a non mental health condition and university of Phoenix
  11. I think it's at least possible. I had suspicions when my pdoc suggested a night time dose of fanapt for me, but it's helped give me a consistent level in my blood. that said, fanapt and zyprexa are different drugs. maybe it's worth just trying and seeing? worst case scenario it doesn't do anything and you're back where you started.
  12. It’s lovely. i know there are times where some anxious energy can do some good, but it’s nice to not experience it on a daily basis.
  13. I’ll revise to say that I have mild social anxiety in a large crowd if there’s an expectation that I will interact with the other people.
  14. this is kind of related to this post that I made - so I understand if the answer is "I've already told you that." The question though...what situations lead to social anxiety and which ones don't? This came up for me today because my friend was worried about me participating in a walk for a cause--and I had to explain that it's not mass social events that scare me. I can blend into the crowd and not interact with anyone if that's where my headspace is. And it very well might be. But the fact that there's a crowd doesn't trigger my anxiety. He asked me what does and I said that the most typical ones are where I kind of know some of the people but I don't know many or most and I have to interact with them. So when I just started my past job, someone hosted a dinner with all of us who started at the same time (six people). I almost backed out because of how badly it was triggering my social anxiety. Or for more recent, my "class" of people who started together frequently has happy hours after work. I've made it to one and used the fact that I have a regular Thursday commitment as a reason for not going to most. But the one was rough. I bailed after an hour and during that hour was mostly glued to someone who strongly asked me to come and said I would be someone she could talk to. So...it's not so paralyzing that I avoid it all the time, just most of the time. Even with close friends, the criticizing myself after the fact is a hard one. But give me a big crowd and I do fine.
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