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  1. I think that part of the answer depends on where you live and where you are going. For example, some of the East Coast states are banning travelers from other areas unless they quarantine. I’m not up on the details...but it’s probably worth a google search to be safe. my parents cancelled the family trip because we would have had to eat out for all meals and they weren’t comfortable with that much contact. I’d guess that there are probably ways to make it work though.
  2. So the short version is that I'm tasked with pushing when I take medication and when I try to go to sleep back by 30 minute intervals until eventually it's 10pm. I'm starting tonight at 8pm. I'm also supposed to get out of bed if I'm not asleep after 15-20 minutes and to go into the living room area until I feel ready to fall asleep again. I'm cutting out the hydroxyzine (at my request) because it didn't seem to really be doing anything anyway. It felt like the equivalent of "just do it" for sleep. I'm scared (that I won't get enough sleep and will start decompensating), disappointed, and frustrated/angry. But i'll do it.
  3. Good to know. I currently take 100mg IR PRN, which has translated into taking it every night. I'll edit my signature.
  4. thanks CRH. Good t know. I was pessimistic because it seems like everyone takes it and it works for everyone so I expected it to work already for me. Maybe I need a higher dose. I'll talk with my pdoc tonight.
  5. I've been dealing with daytime drowsiness (I've been getting 8-10 hours, just at crappy hours). But not enough to sleep. I've tried taking a nap and I just lie there. So that's why I shifted it back earlier. I'm going to stick with that through my appointment tomorrow so there's something consistent. She may just tell me to take it later. I have a tendency toward weird reactions...fanapt for most people is taken at night because of sleep-inducing effects and I have to take it in the morning because it gave me extreme insomnia when I took it at night. Sorry, I didn't intend to sound dismissive of your suggestions. They're helpful to keep in mind.
  6. hi cheese! thanks for writing. I've been taking trazodone for about a month I started at 12.5 mg for one day and then increased to 25mg and progressively higher from there. I've taken it at 100mg for the past three nights. I'm taking it as early as I do because it's when I take all my other medications. The goal is to not have a hangover the next day (that's the reason for the early time). Maybe that's not smart. I've done a sleep study and it revealed nothing. Both day and night. I've debated doing another. I feel like a month is a valiant try to get something to knock me out. It seems like it does nothing. I don't know why. EDITED - apparently it's only been 2.5 weeks. Feels like longer. Thanks to my moodtracking app I could get the details.
  7. thanks @Iceberg. Maybe it's worth trying. I didn't fall asleep until 4am Saturday and midnight yesterday and Sunday night despite taking the trazodone at 6pm, so I think we can fairly say that it's not doing the trick.
  8. Does Remeron have a non-ODT version? Or would it be equally effective to swallow an ODT as opposed to having it dissolve itself? (currently having sleep issues and trying to come up with something I haven't tried in a while)
  9. I'm glad it went okay and that you've got a plan that you seem to be comfortable with!
  10. I also hope it’s a good appointment. You’ve hung in there/stuck it out to wait and see long enough, it seems.
  11. thanks everyone. I appreciate the different approaches/perspectives.
  12. thanks Harp -- I'm going to try to come up with a new nightly routine. What it will include is up in the air. It's definitely a tough balance.
  13. thank you all. it's helpful to know that others intentionally restrict their news coverage. I objected to my therapist's request and stated that it's part of my nightly routine. He asked me to think about it, which I have done. Now that I've spent more time with it, I think his request was to cut it out at night, rather than to cut it out altogether. It would be hard for me to cut it out completely because of facebook. And because I just prefer to be informed about what's going on. But I can try it for a little bit. I''ll have to find something else to do with my time.
  14. thank you both. good to know. and not too long, harp. your thoughts are good to have.
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