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  1. I think it’s something like that also. i apparently want cheap cell phones today.
  2. I’m getting ads for a provigil/nuvigil settlement.
  3. Thanks @Iceberg. It does seem to be what helps the best with psychosis. It’s consistently improved (barring the backlash on Saturday) each increase. I know that Zyprexa should be working on it also, but that seems to be playing more of a sleep/mood role. ill see what my pdoc thinks and what my insurance will pay for. Hopefully those are the same thing.
  4. Thanks. I remembered some drugs did that but not which. I’m back at the not wanting a chance except possibly dosage change. Because yesterday was fine and today has started out okay. So six out of seven days being manageable isn’t awful. still worth considering though if increasing fanapt is on the table @mikl_pls, I might go for it because it’s been a really good drug and the last increase helped a lot. But I appreciate the suggestions @argh. I’ll have to see how my pdoc wants to see this one play out.
  5. thank you both. Yesterday went well enough (and today is going well so far) that I'm wondering if I screwed something up when putting my meds together for Saturday. Probably not. But it does make me wonder. An AC could make sense. Add it on to the rest of it or replace something with it? I'm too terrified of depakote for that one, but I'm more open to others.
  6. Things aren't at 100%. I've been dealing with the AH for two weeks and, barring yesterday, they have seemed to decrease. It's definitely going in the right direction, but not gone yet. We've increased my fanapt and zyprexa, which I hoped would eliminate them completely. I'm looking for suggestions--predominantly related to what I currently take. I had a mini-hypomanic episode in May (with hallucinations right after) and I had a mini-depressive eposide right before the AH started this go around.. So symptom prior is the AH--I'm currently quite stable mood-wise. So- for those who can't read my signature: Fanapt at 12 mg (I can't take a split dose because it gives me insomnia) Zyprexa at 20 mg at night (has strangely not touched my psychosis, but maybe higher dose or having something during the day would change that Lithium at 750 mg (I went toxic before so I'm wary, but my blood level is still .6....but I' not sure there's a mood component right now Lamictal at 275 mg (not sure it would do anything) and then some random not likely to be uesful - klonopin (1mg), xanax (0.5mg total), and prazosin (2mg total). Curious about impressions/suggestions etc. I really don't want a drug change, but I'm not sure how much I have to play with. I've also failed off most AAP with EPS (can't take cogentin because t causes blurry vision and can't take propanalol because iprazosin lowers blood pressure already. The higher fanapt has been since Monday, so it's had a good amount of time to kick in and it definitely dose help...my brain feels clear and quiet. On work days, I can make it to 4ish. Yesterday was hell, probably because of a lack of need to use my brain. Right now things are quiet also.
  7. so I've started trying this - It's been pretty good to me so far. I'm out of shape enough that I can't even use water bottles (their alternative to weights). I just use my own body weight . Thanks for all the ideas, though--I'll definitely explore some. I just figured I'd post what I'm currently trying. I like the coaches. They're upbeat without being obnoxious.
  8. I've taken that course! I loved it. I took it after a coursera course called "demystifying mindfulness" which was also good (and also free). today I've been strangely productive. Accomplished lots of chores that I had been avoiding for a week--or even over a week. I was worried about the heightened productivity, but my mood and sleep are normal, so I think it's just productivity.
  9. this is an emergency and you're not downplaying things. do you think they'd have the authority to okay something if your pdoc already suggested it? (probably not, but worth checking) do you have an ""absolute must" dividing line where you know you have to go to the ER? like if certain symptoms start appearing? It might help to assess what symptoms are happening. take care cheese. eta - I completely get phone hatred also. is yours making the call or is it having the conversation? I'm usually okay with having a conversation if someone makes the call for me.
  10. glad to hear your pdoc was responsive and there's a plan (that it sounds like you're okay with?). I'm glad Toby was able to help with the advocacy piece, though I know you're a great advocate as well.
  11. Dittoing echo’s concerns. I’d be as persistent as you can. This doesn’t sound good and I know you were concerned also.
  12. The Zyprexa took it away. Last night they were very faint if they were even present. I’m not 109% sure they were. Definitely not the heavy death metal shouting at me.
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