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  1. So it seems that the answer might be that there isn't a standard answer and it varies a lot. Which I guess I should have expected. But it's good to hear the variation. Maybe tdoc is right and my expectations are unrealistic.
  2. My tdoc and I have a difference of opinion so I want to see what people here think. in an average 8-8.5 hour day, how many hours would you say are reasonable to expect yourself to work?
  3. My tdoc and I have a difference of opinion so I want to see what people here think. in an average 8-8.5 hour day, how many hours would you say are reasonable to expect yourself to work?
  4. I'm newly on it, so I can't help out much unfortunately. I'll be watching to see if you get any replies. I have felt a decreased anxiety largely, but then it goes away. That may be dose-related.
  5. So my therapist leans toward emotional dysregulation with elements of anxiety and mood issues, I think. I actually have an email in to him to clarify. Seeing as it happened the first two full days after I decreased the lithium (750mg to 600mg), it seems at least plausible that it was a reaction to that change. It's also possible that work stress was a contributing factor and that having the weekend off reset things. So we don't know where things are going from here. I'm holding off on the next gabapentin increase to see if I need it (per pdoc's instructions at my appointment where she had me increase it).
  6. thanks Will! I'm glad to hear good news about it. I'm still quite apprehensive about taking it.
  7. I've recovered before, so I'm likely to eventually recover again. That's over a pretty long period of time with multiple episodes (and types of episodes). It doesn't work for everyone.
  8. thank you both. Iceberg, I'm not having a temper issue, but I'm having what I think of as mood instability issues. Like emotional dysregulation. I fear that I'm going manic, but I don't have the mood elevation that comes with mania and I'm currently taking both lithium (on its way out), depakote (on its way in), and zyprexa. But I do have this instability crap.
  9. Can you be mildly mixed? Like mild depression or mild anxiety, but its equivalent for a mixed state? I initially assumed no because my understanding/experience of mixed states is that they're such hell on wheels. But I've been having some instability issues that led to the question. If you can be mildly mixed, what does that look like?
  10. that's a really good response. My former employer did things that were similar (II separated from them for entirely different reasons). My current employer is largely about physical safety (making sure that people who work in DC don't do it and work from home). Now that we're all out of the building, they're starting to worry about ore emotional stuff.
  11. It would be interesting for me to see international coverage. But there’s more than enough news to go around!
  12. I took a trip to the pharmacy to pick up some scripts and then took a shower. I couldn’t watch all of it. Now I’m watching it live.
  13. I turned my news off in order to finish my work day. I’ll catch it later I’m sure! the building has been evacuated because of safety issues, but joys of telework mean I can stay working (/sarcasm).
  14. that's true. I was surprised by the lack of immediate upheaval after the election.
  15. I wasn't sure what would push us over the edge collectively, but it seems to have happened.
  16. this is insanity. I'm going to take a pause from work in order to watch the news for 10 minutes.
  17. The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here Book by Hope Jahren
  18. Yes, a stellar way to spend Christmas Eve. Fortunately I got in and out quickly.
  19. thank you for those who described it, you were accurate. I had to catch myself from dissociating once, but that's not bad for a medical procedure.
  20. well I went to hte bathroom this morning, so now I'm downing fluids like crazy
  21. that is helpful, thanks. I'll hope that mine is like the two of yours in that it didn't involve changing into a gown.
  22. Thank you. That's good to know. I'm starting to have flashbacks just thinking about it, but knowing that it's less invasive may stop them.
  23. I have my tangle in my purse, so I'll turn to that if needed. I'm not eager about being naked/in a gown with a stranger.
  24. I'm worried that it's going to trigger doctor/medical trauma, but I probably won't know until I'm there.
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