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  1. I hope the zoloft is helpful for the OCD and hte depression.
  2. Swimming has never really spoken to me. I could do it in theory...but for some reason I've never really done it since childhood. Thanks though. Chiro is a little scary to me. I know that they have experience, but the idea of manipulating those sorts of things is a little scary.
  3. this may not be appropriate....but have you ever taken luvox for OCD and depression? it's an antidepressant, so a bit risky for BP people. but monitored carefully and in conjunction with others, might be good. it's really, really good for OCD stuff.
  4. so...I asked my neuro about whether a referral for a few sessions of PT would make sense to try to decrease migraine frequency by increasing the flexibility and strength in my neck and shoulders area. He thought the idea of stretching made sense, but wanted to hold off on PT specifically because he knows I don't have much medical leave and wanted it there for an emergency. He suggested I ask around and see what resources others have stumbled across. He also said that his wife leads stretching at a local ymca (not local to me) and that most of them have options for people. So that might be a possibility. His general thinking is that google might get me somewhere. I am willing to try, but didn't want to reinvent the wheel in case someone had really good resources already.
  5. thanks all. duelist I hope that the aimovig helps. I recently got started on nurtec, which knocked out the first two pretty quickly.
  6. Thanks cheese. Sorry for not replying earlier. It’s helped slightly with decreasing the total time it takes for me to fall asleep…not completely, but a little better. However it has made it impossible for me to get up in the morning. Or at least I think it is the cause because it has surfaced as a renewed problem ever since I started taking it. I wrote my pdoc via our online portal and asked for permission to stop rozerem and increase the trazodone I’m already taking to see if that helps. We will see if she is willing.
  7. so the halcion was unfortunately a failure. I tried it 8-10 times and it worked maybe once or twice, which was probably just luck or a coincidence. that sent us back to the drawing board. I've tried so many sleep meds over time and was willing to go back to something I'd taken previously, but she wanted me to try one I didn't have any experience with. So I'll be taking rozerem. I'm a little nervous, since it's new. any positive or negative experiences? she said that it's one of those drugs where it either works wonderfully or doesn't work at all, with little in between.
  8. might depend on what site you use? it's all hard. but some are known for different aspects, so is it possibly worth shopping around?
  9. It worked on Sunday night. So the jury’s still put on whether it will be effective. My tdoc commented that there is always the possibility of asking for something else. Pdoc was so reluctant to prescribe something that I’m not sure if that’s true.
  10. so night one was a failure...I took it at 12am and fell asleep at 4am. I may have been asking too much out of it. I'd accidentally not woken up until 1pm that day, so by the time I was taking it, I had only been awake for 11 hours. Unfortunately, I couldn't get out of bed this morning either, so I got up around 12pm...which means I'll likely have the same problem tonight (and can't take the triazolam again because I'll have had alcohol). I hate insomnia.
  11. My dad is 71 and my mom is 69. They're independent and relatively healthy...overweight, which is causing some issues, but working on it. They're both apparently starting to feel their age. It comes out in the form of offhand comments when I see them - things like "when we're gone" and "we won't be here that much longer." I don't know how to deal with those sort of comments. I would guess that there's probably a proper place for them, in that it lets my parents express how they're feeling kind of. But it's not an actual conversation about aging. Just the offhand comments. Anyone have any suggestions? I know that part of this is my own anxiety about losing them. But I'm also curious in general about good ideas for handling it.
  12. edited to add...it's a little disturbing to read about, but I remember it working well before, so we'll see.
  13. thanks! the only reason I stopped it previously was because the other meds eliminated the sleep issues. so hopefully that bodes well for it working again. My pdoc did some researching on the spot because she remembered that Britain pulled the authorization for it, but she wasn't too disturbed to use it based on what she read.
  14. so good news! I talked her into a PRN sedative. When she heard that things were worst the first week that I stopped it and had improved slightly, she was tempted to not add another variable. But when she saw just how badly it was impacting me (and I tossed in that my tdoc really wanted me to push for something) and I said that I'd use it sparingly, she relented. We're doing triazolam because I've taken that before and it wouldn't involve changing other things. Hopefully it'll work this go around also.
  15. thanks, it is pretty messy. The hard part is that things were starting to look pretty good until I took that last step of coming off zyrexa. When I was taking 5mg, my sleep measures were actually improving. It's just been a huge jolt taking that last 5mg reduction.
  16. that makes sense. I'll just see what she has to say then. The hard part (which impacts clonidine as much as anything else) is that she's very much against giving me a sedative of any sort. She feels like it contributed to me landing in the hospital in July 2020, whereas I saw that as too many drugs all at once. I feel like I'm at the point where i've tried all non-drug ideas. I'm still working with sleep psychologist, but I'm implementing all the suggestions as best as possible. There's a point at which a med change just becomes necessary. My tdoc commented "you can be stubborn sometimes...let that be a good thing with her. not to the point that it causes her to pull her hair out of course or leave you. but just so she gets how problematic the sleep issues are."
  17. that makes sense. I can throw it out there as a possibility and see what she thinks. Some searching through crazyboards seems to suggest that it's not that great an option, but I've done well on random drugs before (fanapt).
  18. It looks like clonidine doesn’t mix well with alcohol (or doesn’t mix at all). Maybe not the time to try this experiment as I have a date on Saturday involving a glass of wine. I can see what my pdoc comes up with when I say “I need something to help me with sleep” repeatedly. Damn zyprexa discontinuation.
  19. that's awful. I'm sorry you're dealing with that--those poor kids. they're so vulnerable and it is awful to see that someone who is tasked with caring for them is unable to see that.
  20. I'll be following because I'm dealing with the same thing. My pdoc increased my gabapentin dosage last time I talked with her, but it didn't do much. Mine isn't as bad as yours....I still get some sleep. But the delayed sleep onset is disturbing.
  21. that makes sense. who knows...maybe worth a shot just to do something different and see if it works instead. reportedly it's also good for hyperarousal ptsd symptoms?
  22. does anyone take clonidine? what do you use it for? I'm currently having trouble with sleep onset. When I was IP, my IP pdoc asked if I had ever used clonidine. I hadn't, but we didn't start it because I was currently taking propranolol for tremors and prazosin for nightmares and both of those are BP medications. My BP is fine. What I'm kind of curious about...any thoughts on eliminating the propranolol (possibly not needed now anyway because I've stopped lithium, but I've kept it because of possible help with anxiety) and prazosin and trying clonidine instead?
  23. I'm glad she picked up on it. Makes sense, but understandable that it wouldn't be the first thing you'd think of.
  24. So weird things have happened. As stated, I was hearing hallucinations at bedtime when I tried to fall asleep. I only noticed them in my bedroom, not when I stayed in the guest bedroom or when I visited a friend or family. Then I had a friend stay over and didn’t need me fan and I didn’t have any hallucinations either. I experimented a few times after that with turning the fan off and found that the hallucinations went away when it was off and came back when it was on. I replaced the fan last night (at my therapist’s suggestion) and it’s not happening with the new one. they were definitely hallucinations. And they weren’t the only hallucinations I was having. But they were the main ones and now they’re gone now that I’m not using that one fan. weird. Guess it’s good I didn’t start another AP/AAP. Though my sleep is crappy.
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