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  1. I'll try to take the sleeping pill for a week straight, 9PM on Mon, Tue and Thu, 11PM on Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun. Maybe it'll stick and i'll naturally fall asleep after that? I also got a tdoc appointment to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks, that should help with the insomnia. I just have stick to a very strict sleep routine even after i stop taking the sleeping pills. I guess there isn't some new magic fix for all this, just have to try the same thing again until i succeed?
  2. Yeah, i've found that lots of things help with falling aleep, but it's still overall pretty unmanageable. I do live in a place where recently we have been getting 6 months of snow a year and about 3 hours sunlight at the darkest time, right now it gets dark at about 5 PM, so we get about 5 hours "sun"light (mostly gray clouds). But i have migraines that cause sensitivity to light and it's also one of my triggers, so i can't look at bright lights. Is that how lightboxes work? Do you have stare into them? I haven't discussed this with my pdoc, no. What would be the purpose of the study?
  3. I haven't discussed this with my pdoc, no. What would be the purpose of the study?
  4. Quote from the wiki: "A number of other disorders, for example bipolar disorder and some sleep disorders, are associated with irregular or pathological functioning of circadian rhythms. Recent research suggests that circadian rhythm disturbances found in bipolar disorder are positively influenced by lithium's effect on clock genes." "Circadian rhythm sleep disorders are a family of sleep disorders affecting, among other things, the timing of sleep. People with circadian rhythm sleep disorders are unable to sleep and wake at the times required for normal work, school, and social needs. They ar
  5. I have been on Seroquel XR (sustained-release quetiapine) 300mg for over a year. Well, i was put on 200mg a few days ago. I mean, all I can say about it is that my experience seems to be different from the usual. My sister was on it as well and it made her sleep a lot, caused severe fatigue and daytime sleepiness, so she had to go off it. She was on several other meds at the same time and has a personality disorder, whereas i am BP type II, so take that into account. It is almost the perfect drug for me - no mood swings, no depression, no anxiety, no irritability or other hypomania symptoms (i
  6. Well, right now my bipolar d is totally under control, sorry, i was obviously bitter and depressed when i wrote that, it was sad to read. Still have lucid dreams, it's pretty fun sometimes. I read somewhere that when you realize it's a dream it helps to spin in circles to stop you from waking up. Funnily enough i always keep that in mind when i dream, sometimes it helps. With dreams like these, it's pretty cool to keep a dream journal, just for the weird stories, haha. And now they even help me realise things i may not admit to myself, pent-up anger and such.
  7. For how long? How did it effect you? I was diagnosed and treated for depression for years - twice hospitalised and really frustrated with the treatment and the doctors, there seemed to be no cure and no way out, since the meds did absolutely nothing. I wonder how other people got the right diagnose and how long did it take them. Another problem - i'm on seroquel xr and it has stopped working - feel like my old self again day in day out, does anybody have experience with changing meds or how to help the meds work with, for example, lifestyle changes, or how to build a support system? I
  8. Oh god, where do i begin? I've had lucid dreams since my BP II kicked in (i was wrongly diagnosed with depression and only started the right treatment a couple of weeks ago) which is THREE YEARS ago and i hate them. I think i hate the good ones even more than the anxious bad ones. I've never had insomnia, my illness makes me sleep for ridiculous amounts of time, today, for example, i slept for 19 hours. Usually it ranges from 12-19 hrs and you know what? HAVING GREAT ADVENTURES IN YOUR SLEEP FUCKING SUCKS. I hate that i have a great intresting eventful lovely time when i sleep and then wake up
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