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  1. Has anyone been able to make any significant changes in severity of bpd symptoms on their own without any support from family ,friends and only periodic professional help.
  2. I have a diagnosis of BPD which i question, but im told its a spectrum and im on the less severe side i guess. i don't have abandonment issues. maybe you identify with what i have heard being called a quite borderline , as long as you are adressing your symptoms and working to get well its not really important what they call it
  3. I can relate to alot of what you said thanks for the reply
  4. Are there any men out there diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. If so which symptoms do you find most severe and how do you think bpd displays itself in men differently then women if at all. Thanks
  5. Had a job interview through a disability employment service provider here in Australia. It was a pretty casual affair for a warehousing position there were maybe ten people at this session having short 1 on 1 interviews with a temp agency for a bunch of available position. My turn comes, im in a great mood feeling good all day,guy asks me to tell a bit about myself wich i do then asks what my disabilty is and i say “depression i guess” he replies “well i wont be putting you foward becauce you have no personality” and “you look like you hate the world” he also asked me for some reason if i hav
  6. i guess you right, who would fake something that completly destroys their life, and regarding the appeal thats possible, the guy who did my assesment doesnt know what he is talking about, im just frustrated i was able to access disability employment services while my application was pending to help me find work and now that i have been declined that has been taking away which is very frustrating. thanks for the advice all i feel better today.
  7. I feel like im faking depression ,like anytime i could just snap out of it and be fine, i feel like i'm just being overly dramatic. people tell me that i dont need to be medicated and i listen to them. i recently put in a claim for disabilty and this was denied this also makes me think i just need to man up because if i cant get disability everything must be ok with me. anyone have these thoughts?
  8. I drink because i get insane euphoria in the beginning but this is easily outweighed but the shame and guilt the following days till next i drink
  9. I am diagnosed BPD and am currently on 10 mg abilify and I find it helps curb my anger
  10. I was prescribed duromine for weight loss for a month I was on no other medication at the time . it helped alot with my appetite and portion control
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