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  1. I hope someone replies to you, but the other thing you could do is ask the HR office at the company to give you a list of the doctors covered by Aetna in your area. Explain that you have BCBS, and you want to make sure you could continue with your GP and other doctors. You don't have to say anything about seeing a tdoc adn pdoc. Every plan has a list of approved providers. You can also ask your tdoc and pdoc outright if they accept Aetna. olga
  2. Talk to her when you two are alone, and tell her just what you told us. It's fine to express an opinion, but tact is always good, and all of us have to realize that we aren't right 100% of the time. If she doesn't take it well, maybe she isn't someone you should include in your social circle. olga
  3. That sounds like a plan. One overnight is enough to see everyone for a visit but then get out of Dodge! Keep saying "it's only 24 hours. I can do this for 24 hours and then I can go home." olga
  4. Welcome to Crazyboards. I'm glad you found us and don't be afraid to ask questions. olga
  5. I would make the visit as short as possible. If your parents are far enough away that you need to stay overnight, try to keep it to one night. Tell them that you have a back-up of work from your job and need the weekend at your house to catch up. If you can get there and go home again the same day, that's even better. I would almost be tempted to plead a bad case of diarrhea as your reason for not going at all, and just stay home. I don't know if they would buy that, though. Holidays are tough. I used to dread some of them when I was in my 20s and 30s. It's much easier now that a lot of my relatives are gone and there's a lot less drama. olga
  6. I did, years ago. I also married a man with 24-year-old twins and a son who was 18. Although they were all considered adults, there was a great deal of adjustment, especially with the 18-year-old. (He lived with us.......it was not easy). Do you have a specific question? Has he introduced you to the children? olga
  7. You did just fine! I'm sorry I wasn't around to greet you, but I'm glad you're here and I hope you'll stick around. Feel free to contact one of the staff people if there is anything you don't understand. olga
  8. My goal for today was to make 2 doctor appointments.......and I did it! My GP retired in the spring, and I was dragging my feet about seeing a new one. I'll never find another doc like my old one, but oh well. Us old broads have to get checked regularly. olga
  9. 10 days is terrific! Keep at it, and I'm glad your doctor has a script that will help with the anxiety. olga
  10. You can be even more vague and say "family obligations" or "Illness in the family." There was someone ill in the family---they don't need to know who it was. olga
  11. 2Spirals, one of the great things about CB is that you find other people who have experienced/suffered/survived the same things you are going through. It kept me alive when I first came here. I hope you can overcome your swallowing issue. I can see why this would be very upsetting. olga
  12. Bostonian Asperger, we don't delete threads. However, if you would like a mod to lock it, then no one else will reply and it will sink into the Deep Dark Chasm of Old Threads, never to be seen again. Just say so, and I (or another mod) will lock it. olga
  13. I guess I would need to hear what you like about her, but it does seem like you don't have much affection or respect for her. If you want to salvage the relationship, sit down with when when you are both calm and explain to her what her negativity does to you. She might not realize what an impact it has on you. On the other hand, as crtclms pointed out, bitching about a women when she's in the middle of a raging hormone cycle is pretty unfair. We don't like how the hormones make us feel, so it isn't helpful when a man points out to us that we're cranky because "it's that time of month." That doesn't accomplish anything and shows a lack of understanding and maturity. If, when you discuss her negative comments, she brushes you off or says it doesn't matter----well, there's your answer. If her attitude is that bad and it's affecting you so deeply, say goodbye and move on. olga
  14. You can also try this: most people throw their head back to swallow pills. However, if you bend your head forward (chin aiming to your chest), you are actually opening up the pathway for the pill. This is something that is suggested for elderly people, who often have difficulty taking pills. I would also increase the amount of water you're drinking with the pills. olga
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