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  1. On one of my many research expeditions, I found out that Seroquel affects the Hypothalimus gland which is the control center for hunger in the body.. among other things. So what it does is mainly negate our satiety centre meaning no matter how much you eat , you still feel hungry because that mechanism is not working normaly as it should. Frosty..
  2. Wouldn't work V E .. The tapeworm probably would end up either sleeping all day or getting manic and forgetting to eat anyway.. Frosty
  3. You know what though?? I gained 20 pounds on Lamictal at your dose real fast... But I had serious side effects and had to come off it.. (darn) So did the weight.. Frosty. The worse ever was Paxil... EEW. I bloated up like a dead fish... 40 pounds in one month. My stretch marks had stretch marks.. I told the doc if I am so depressed about myself by the sise effects of this pill, even if it pulls me out of the first depression, my self hatred is still going to keep me in a depressed state.. So what is the point... Got off that too..
  4. Weird.... I live in Ontario as well and so far it's just you and me PJ. Frosty
  5. Am I a freak of what?? I read everything I could about Seroquel.. I feel great, I am losing weight on this stuff... My lifestyle remains the same but I am sleeping better - that is it.. So I am up fewer hours, less active, because I am at rest more and less hyper but I am still losing weight. Anyone else ??? Frosty.
  6. Hi everyone on Seroquel for Sleep only. I have had a chronic sleep disorder since I was a kid ( you should have lived at MY house eeks) Any way for awhile I was cool on 24 mg on bromazepam, 3 mg of melatonin. and 250mg of l- tryptophan. I had never slept like that before and had tried all prescription sleep aids.. I could fight all the drugs no matter what.. It was amazing.. I was an enigma. Lately no sleep. 3 hours in 2 days in semi wakefullness, slumber. PDoc said try 25 -50 mg of Seroquel.. Take 25 mg wait 30 minutes, if sleepy take the rest of your regular night pills. I did so and could barely stand.. It was freakie. So I am Ok today . A touch dizzy that is it. He said at this dose no weight gain. Anyone plump out on 25 mg, I did tons of research and mixed responses. Does it stop working . Again It a no. Again mixed response. Anyother info at 25 - 50mg from anyone would be appreciated.I feel very calm for the first time in my life (BP2) too . weight , tolerance, side effects, appetite, energy, mood . Anything you got. Thank you FRosty..
  7. I actually invite the opportunity for death . inflicted by others... I try to invoke it as best as I can.. to ease my misery.. thE DIFFERENCE - NONE WANTING TO ACTUALLY DIE OR FEELING LIKE DYING ... SAME TO ME. .IF OPPORTUNITIE STRIKES.. .. FROSTY..
  8. HI I was the same years ago with people prefering to be alone, avoiding the phone, people ,sheltering myself , feeling different. A phobia ia a fear of something, Are you afraid? If not it is not really phobic it really is a depressive disorder, some sort of perception that you are not like others and reject them or their efforts to contact you. It could be an anxiety or personality dissorder that should like mine go away with treatment.l I was at the computer then waiting for emails too. Now I want real people too. But it has been so long that they have given up on me. I think sometimes I was afraid to be around people because I did not want them to see I had a disorder. I had changed and I was tired of them asking ARE YOU OK?? You sound like me 7 years ago so that is my view on it.. Good Luck and try not to isolate Frosty
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