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  1. Has anyone already tried this drug for social anxiety disorder with any success ? Please share your experiences.
  2. Hi, Recently I have read about a combination of Nardil and Bioperine (regarding the problem with the current version of Nardil and its absorption into the bloodstream): "Nardil was changed in late 2003, due to a complete reformulation by Pfizer, who removed many of the excipient ingredients, including the hard coating. It is possible that the current version is not surviving the stomach acid content and therefore not as much is being absorbed into the bloodstream." I wonder, if anyone here has tried this combination yet ? and if so, Have you seen any improvement in regards to Nardil ? I have also read (in a link I posted above), that it is best to take Nardil on an empty stomach and take it with alot of water (no food and no juice) just water! and then give a Nardil a good 45mins in your stomach with only water...then you should probably see a positive difference in effect. I also wonder, if anyone here has tried this trick ? Thanks, Mike
  3. Hi, I am just taking 75mg of Nardil and with 25mg of Valdoxan(agomelatine) and l am planning to go up to 50 mg. My doctor assumes that this combo would help me better sleeping and also help to raise/improve my low blood pressure and also he believes that agomelatine to get me the same stimulant effect as on beginning of treatment. It would supposedly help me to activate and get me back energy feeling, because at 75 my Nardil therapy stopped working I wonder, if there is any psychological study/research about possibility of treatment option with Agomelatine + Nardil ? And then, Can you tell me again if there is any official study-research which does invalidate or prove success/effectiveness of this MAOIs (Phenelzine + Tranylcypromine) treatment option ? I am asking on this because my doctor recently has even mentioned about the possibility to get me on this combo - Nardil with Parnate. I have researched almost all the psychiatry sites with original articles but until now I have not found anything official. Now I am trying to get some informations from these sites : -http://archpsyc.ama-assn.org -http://search.psychiatrist.com -http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed -http://www.druglib.com ... Thank you in advance for any advice or help! P.S: Sorry, my English is not very good, I already slowly forget what I have learnt from english :/
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