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  1. It's funny I have actually done both. I had an adopted dog and fostered a dog briefly as well. What surprised me was that while doing that I still persisted with the search for dogs. I couldn't drop the habit once I actually had a dog.
  2. I am often doing this when I am under duress or emotionally unstable. I think that having a dog will somehow "make it all better." After that the search begins.
  3. My GP thinks I might be OCD and has cited my obsession with getting a dog as a symptom. I obsessively search classifieds for available puppies. I research dog breeds. I take dog breed selector quizzes and then I email breeders about their litters. Meanwhile, at home I know I can't have a dog, because they cost money to care for and I would not be able to pay medical costs if there was an emergency. Also, I have a young toddler. And yet I persistently search for dogs. Today I found a post about mental health therapy dogs on another board and I proceded to search for hours to discover if dogs are provided to OCD/ Dermatillomania patients. Is this an OCD symptom? It definitely is obsessive.
  4. Hi All, Just feeling sorry for myself. I just learned a week or so ago that Dermatillomania is a disorder not a stupid bad habit and I confess I am really angry. I have been compulsively picking my skin for at least 20 years. I don't remember when it started to be honest. My mother tried to help me to kick the "habit" MANY times as a child. She used scare tactics. She would tell me that if I picked my scabs I would get impetigo, sepsis, cancer, or AIDS. She told me often when I got acne that if I picked at my skin on my face I would get an infection that would travel to my brain and then I would die. So now, as an adult who is just now learning that this disorder is a real thing and related to chemical imbalance, I am SOOOOOO Angry. I want to yell and scream at my mother for terrifying me so much. I am so angry that countless doctors missed it and never bothered to address the sores all over my legs, face, arms, and back. I feel now like a victim and I am ashamed of that too. I hope that I can learn some self compassion soon so that I can overcome the disorder and cope with the ocd behaviors that I now have regarding disease. Does anyone else feel like a victim or angry at their loved ones? Nan
  5. It's pretty amazing to realize that Skin Picking is a real disorder. it is it's own thing. Dermatillomania. Though I have heard that it often accompanies other things like BDD or OCD.
  6. Hi, My name is Megan. I have boon looking for a forum in which I could find other people like me to help me come to terms with my new diagnosis' of ACOA and OCD. I never knew I was suffering from these things but now it is painfully obvious. I've been a Compulsive skin picker since who knows when and I scoffed at the idea that I could have OCD or depression or whatever. See how the mighty have fallen? I hope I'll find a group of people here with whom I can fit in? Megan
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