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  1. Good to know, VE. Wheezy will be six years old this summer. I'm thinking of switching my server back to Arch on February 1st. CentOS just isn't fresh enough for my liking. More maintenance needed, but I don't exactly have a lot of other things going on. Writing an email to the other site admins right now. If they can't get their chat back up by February (it's been down a few weeks already) I'm talking about carrying my idea forward. I could be able to have a website up by March. It'd be yet another forum board, but that's only just to keep the nickserv bot in sync. If it gets made, I'll let you know for some basic testing? Take care of your hand. I might ask for some help.
  2. Similar problem elsewhere, and I'm thinking of slapping a simple site together in early February. No ties to anybody, just some miscellany chat rooms at first. Idea in progress. *shrug*
  3. I'm trying to fix the chat-being-down on an MS forum right now. I've got them borrowing my (reeeal small) IRC server right now with Kiwiirc. Seems to work, but I'm looking at making it more of a solid option. That said, I've always kept #TheWard open. I could and would set something like that up here if given some requirements, needs, and direction. Drop me a message if you'd like some details.
  4. I bumped up my dosage of Abilify from 15mg back in July and my insurance approved it finally... 30mg a day isn't unheard of, but splitting that up to twice a day seems to have thrown them for a loop. Anybody else tried this?
  5. Not sure where else to put this one, but I took my Abilify from 15mg to 2x15mg per day a week ago. I just got back from my appointment with my pdoc (finally) and was half surprised that she didn't chew me out. That's the first *positive* med change I've made for myself in... ever? I left the rest of my cocktail alone, but maybe I should note that my Wellbutrin dose is only at 300mg instead of 450mg... that one's either the last pdoc's fault or Medicare's fault. Everything else stayed the same. New pdoc is trying to work that out also. I'm going to stick with it for a while this time. I might miss one dose a day, but missing both is less likely, and maxing out my Abilify dosage right now seems to be helping. Since making the change a week ago, I've finally left my since-February mania and sidestepped a growing delusion / paranoia break. So I think after paying attention to the various pdocs over the last decade, I might have done something right. *gasp*
  6. For the admins and mods: I recognize a few of the usernames from the waybackwhen, and it's good to see that this place is still around. I'm sad to find out there isn't a chat anymore / right now. I'd post a link to mine (real and literal dead zone right now) but I don't want to step on any toes. I also can't seem to post to the mod room, which doesn't surprise me. So here I am. I do have a few ideas for a chat, from domain name to server... some of it I could even donate to this site. lmk? For the newer people: Hey all. I guess I've been around for over a decade and haven't posted one of these before. Oops... might have been a different site. Anyway. I might as well start with my dx (schizophrenic with bipolar) and my meds (Abilify 30mg, Cymbalta 60mg, Wellbutrin 300mg, Modafinil 200mg, some various additives) and also mention have I have MS with a few meds. The MS seems to be stable for now, but my previously - stable psych condition ran into a bump this past week. So, here I am. Nice to meet you (again)?
  7. Alright, here it is: Abilify 15mg to keep me from getting paranoid and delusional Cymbalta 60mg because SSRIs make me suicidal, which I don't need Wellbutrin 450mg because I turn into a sleep walking zombie without it. Mixes well with the Provigil Provigil 200mg every few days to keep me awake and alive. Mixes well with the Wellbutrin Tecfidera 240mg x2 daily because MS sucks Ampyra 100mg x2 daily because walking with MS sucks
  8. Mix in some Cymbalta and it works for me. Helps keep me awake and the fatigue at bay with Provigil. For social anxiety I try to get the Provigil early in the morning (~6am) and the rest around 8am. I don't really want to deal with the anxiety of jitters after I first take the Provigil. End result is that I'm awake and typing here right now. *shrug*
  9. Okay: Abilify 15mg, Cymbalta 60mg, Wellbutrin 450mg That's my MI cocktail. It works well, no real dealbreakers, but my emotions are pretty much dead. I can kind of see that with this pile, but this isn't the affective disorder I signed on for... and not what my wife wants from me. So... I am now trying to figure out if it's the meds, a holdover from my crazy days, or something else. Just looking around to see if anyone else runs into this long-term recovery issue.
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