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  1. at last!! surely that's not a somewhat skewed sense of humor I detect from the last poster? just my opinion, but I think others are wound just a little tight....ever hear of the soup Nazi on Seinfield? lighten up damn buh bye since I've broken the contract (I've never claimed to be sane myself)
  2. OMG...I want to clarify, Tatiana IS NOT THE PROBLEM, she actually tried to smooth it over (for the first respondent)...I would suggest some of you are giving me the heat for what you have dealt with from others...not my problem...talk about passive agressive...a lot of assumptions being made here and ignoring of what I'm trying to say there used to be this thing called civility...ya'll can just mob yourselves, I don't need this shit...should rename the place...Nazi Boards ...stephanie
  3. Ok majority wins I'm WRONG note I did move this to another forum because it was getting very old and I recognized it was on another person's thread the initial problem was that my brand of humor just didn't come across and was misinterpreted, I apologized for that my mention of age was only to point out that I've got enough experience to know better than to "make comparisons" or "belittle" as I was accused of...really, I'm not some heathen, I do not need to be told how to behave I was offended...I know, I know, my problem right?...everyone else can say what they want...just not me btw, I don't think this is just about me...I've seen others get the same treatment...and all I did was a question about mods, I've not had an issue, but from the comments it sounds like the mods are coming from a bad place and that's not my fault I'm gonna pull up my big girl panties as suggested (RUDE!!!) and get the hell outa here...thanks for your support...I feel fantastic
  4. from several comments I've seen, there seems to be a lot of pride taken in calling people on their shit, which may be an honorable thing, but are only moderators qualified to do that? and how? it seems to me the line between calling it and outright rudeness is not real clear...maybe it's a generational thing I don't expect that anyone would walk on eggshells but damn, the rules seem kinda selective I had hopes of participating here...my therapist was dx'd with a tumor last year (we had about 10 years) and I haven't been able to bring myself to find another...I mean what else can be done for me...I'm hopelessly fucked up... I don't know why there aren't any decent irl groups around here, but that would mean leaving my house anyway I guess the only thing I can do is take my medication, love my dog, and "sit down, shut up and be nice about it"...........fuck it
  5. Titania, yes, I do feel that the one person who "challenged" me didn't get the right idea about what I said and I did apologize for that and I'm sorry you got the wrong idea too, I'm not a writer and I'll just refrain in the future, however I felt I was being accused of something I didn't do...huge trigger for me, and now, I feel you're being a little snarky and practically inviting me to leave...why is it okay for that person to say what we are here for and they don't want to see around here? but you're jumping me about it? I'm probably twice as old as either of you...has it occurred to you that I've experieced all those things? thanks for your support
  6. We aren't here to compare people's troubles and decide who has it "worse". Belittling the damage and pain that SI can cause is not something I want to see around here. well thank-you very much, but that's not what you're seeing around here...the intent was to support OP and give my opinion of SO...sorry if you read it differently...I'm not here to be chastised either
  7. maybe try doing some yoga (lol) I've heard of some that have actually cured themselves that way!! they don't take any meds at all now...therefore everyone should be able to do it...if not, they haven't adequately addressed their "issues"
  8. yeah...I been kicked in the teeth too many times, so I just stay in my house and love my dog
  9. same as several others...spent ~20 years trying AD after AD...they would seem to work a while, then "poop out", the depression has been really severe and hypomania only observed when I was inpatient...I just didn't know, I always figured those were the times I wasn't depressed! the first time I thought the doc didn't know what the h# he was talking about (it was me that didn't know) the second time when the lamotrigine worked so beautifully, I began to get it...hypomanias are never very crazy...just feel good, sometimes irritable or angry (but justly so I think)
  10. such a great age....they're learning how to manipulate! but, she really needs mom to be predictable, if boring and not as "fun" ....and who could blame grandparents for taking advantage and doing what they didn't dare to with their own children believe me, when she hits the teens, you'll likely become the "enemy" and it's hard to resist being hurt by that I was accused of loving the dog more than my daughter (good thing she was an only child)...lolololol
  11. come ON, self-harm? and sex-addicition? are they really ruining your life? to me it sounds like SO has worse problems than you...like co-dependency, and control issues, and witholding can be a form of sex addiction ain't judgn, just sayn
  12. well I'm fully insured and that's how it goes with my pdoc...I think they plan on 15min...the very first visit she did take an extensive history...but that's it...she expects the patient to be proactive does she say anything like "how are you?"
  13. sometimes "Mind Hacks" has links to that stuff if you want to try and google that
  14. lemme guess...he doesn't take any meds either? I would so love to forward this to a former-co-group-member...I think it's time for a nap now. ...stephanie
  15. bearing in mind I'm old and slow, I didn't immediately think it was related to the movie, but it was a convenient place....a little box with a lot of people crammed in it...for the shooter to make his "statement" with maximum effect ? I think, too, maybe firearms are a convenient way of accomplishing that, but if someone were really intent, they could just as well set the place on fire, or release some devastating biologic, etc. I agree there's way too much violence going on, not only on film and games, but irl as well, and ever increasing...along with just plain meaness, oh but there's my "negativity" again ..stephanie as the saying goes, "where are we, and why am I in this hand basket?"
  16. depending on where you live, you can look into meetup.com...to see if there are peoplle that share your interests that get together ...stephanie
  17. yeah...but I think it says something about them not like I was asking anything of them...my tdoc told me my feelings weren't wrong but they were just more intense than a lot of people's...so it makes them uncomfortable (nevermind about my feelings) I think I've been a better friend than that... ...stephanie
  18. well my few sorry attempts make me snort at this question I invited the mother to an appointment with my very first tdoc who very gently said to her "stephanie feels that you don't like her", and I guess you would have to know her, but she crossed her arms over her (ample) bosom and said "I don't know where she got an idea like that" ... soooo typical When I went to the intensive out-of-town rehab, we wrote the "healing" letter, you know, "I'm sorry that...", "I wish that...", and all that happy horse$t...problem is dumb me actually mailed it! her response was she doesn't want any "Mommie Dearest" letters Right, so I'm independent. But, the outpatient thing I've done more than once has "family night" once a week and last tiime I went (for rejection from my job), they kicked me out for attendance problems...not attending "family nights" ???? policy or insurance or something must have changed...so very therapeutic so yeah, I think a lot of places want to emphasize "family" but I also think they might assume too much in some cases ..stephanie
  19. I would suggest he ask for medical leave of absence, which would fall under the family something? law, but it would be unpaid, like maternity leave. They are bound to keep his job for a period of time - I think 6 months, but you should look all this up. My opinion on going in to a big deal about disability is that yeah, they have to accomodate, but nothing says they won't manufacture a problem a year from now as a reason to "let him go". good luck, stephanie
  20. thanks to everyone for reminding me of the stuff I need to keep in my head...the feeling that everything is going against me overwhelms me at times...negativity is part of my personal diagnosis (relating to past experience) that is hard to fight despite all the meds and uh....certainly didn't mean to offend by the "old fart" heading...guess I was thinking about the post by the guy before me (I find that link funny as hell)...note that I did include myself, and I guess I'm just fresh out of honey...used it all up...sorry I, too, am glad to be the age I am rather than suffering the angst I had when I was younger and thought it matter what others thought ...stephanie
  21. huh, I've started losing it (hair that is) since I d/c'd it - I thought it was something else
  22. Fat girl so dumb! there's ads running late at night on TV (antennae) 'bout if you owe 10k or more in taxes, you go to these people and they will work with IRS to get it down to about 20% of that! now, I just got to figure out how to keep it from going straight from 401 to IRS in the first place! wish I woulda knowed that when I was working and it was under my control also been seeing "public service announcement" I guess, showing a woman talking about how grateful she is to be provided with a free cell phone...that's coming out of the ~$10 per phone line/per mo (ATT) adds for federal universal fees, state universal fees, metro... that we all pay... she has such a nice salon manicure...fat girl has NEVER had one in a lifetime! oh I know, maybe cos they're making me pay for 2 phone lines I DON"T EVEN USE seems like the older I get, the less sense anything makes and why can't I have internet without "bundling" a bunch of other crap? used to get it for $19.95/month...now they wanna take all my money and treat me like I'm an idiot at the same time I remember when "bundle" meant something else entirely and you just plugged your TV into the wall and who the hell is there to vote for? I hate both of 'em...what was the name of that guy in the pen? even without that stuff, I'm just really don't see much hope, world is just spinning faster and faster and nothing I can do 'bout it... I've done what I was sposed to...raised the kid, then raised her kid for 10 years, worked my a$$ off 29 years, then got "reeetired" before I was ready, paid the taxes, bills, kept my kids off welfare, mowed my yard, blah, blah, blah...all just to go down the drain? anger issues? depressed? duh! I mean, I'm grateful that I had a chance to meet my pretty average bucket list...been in love with a couple of guys, then dogs, have a daughter and a grand-daughter, bought a car and a house, went on vacation once and met a dolphin, used to be good-lookin, but it's all over now and lately I'm really having problems (again) wondering what the freakn point is ? sorry, would anybody out there wanna share something you look forward to? that keeps ya going ? ...stephanie
  23. For me, it usually involves shower and shampoo first, which is a major accomplishment in itself, so yesterday I did that in the morning and it wore me out so I had to have a nap in the afternoon, by which time the after-work crowd would be in the grocery stores so I just went to the ice-cream store and got drive-thru tacos on the way home...will try again today ...I think the key for me is to just do it without thinking about it for 2 hours ahead of time
  24. I think it's like AM said - IQ is in thar, depression (and age) makes it harder it to access and express...I know during the few episodes of hypomania I've been blessed with , I always felt smarter, sexier, funnier, and better-looking
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