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  1. I don't mean to be rude or sleazy but I heard from others including my psych that when a girl with bipolar goes manic many of them dress provokatively and sleep around then later regret it big time. Now when a guy goes manic can he go hypersexual as much as the girl who goes manic and have that urge to sleep around that might lead to rape? I apologize if i upset anyone but it's a serious question that has bothered me.
  2. Let me explain the gas/fuel issue. I never asked for anyone to "drive me around the whole day" they invited me. Even if I didn't go nor if they DIDN'T invite me they would still be going to their destination. I mean YES if I "asked" someone to drive me somewhere I will be giving money.
  3. I've been getting more social lately and I'm always around people who have had a bad past and Im pretty sure everyone has. They keep holding on to it and don't seem happy. Im walking on egg shells. They get offended easily. Just inviting me somewhere and I agree then they expect me to read their mind and give them money for fuel without asking me. Then saying im taking them for granted and sort of making me sound like im selfish. I feel it's twisting things. I think im a bit of a hypocrite coz I do expect things in return for doing things but not to the point of getting agro and ignoring them. I myself cant move on and be happy. It does make me feel bad being around all these people with 'problems' and sort of gives me the idea that relationships don't work so why bother? I find it very draining.
  4. A pdoc once told me people who don't break: no.1 they know how to look after themselves(can fight, self defend) no.2 is confidence no.3 they have people who can back them up
  5. Are u saying being exposed to enough violence and abuse turns u into a hard ass? That's crap. I've been exposed to emotional abuse on and off for over 15 years and it turned me into a total paranoid wreck. My anixety is sky high. I now trust no one. I can't function properly. Have no friends. If anything the abuse has made me more fragile and MORE sensitive.
  6. I always wondered how police officers, army men, paramedics deal with abusive and aggressive people and life threatening situations everyday without breaking or having a nervous breakdown. Is it coz they are exposed to it so much that they used to it and are now emotionally numb? How did they get that tough mentally?
  7. I feel my surroundings are literally like a prison no matter where I am. Since schizophrenia is a perceptional disturbance I thought this symptom is psychotic? As if my surroundings are 'threatening', 'akward', 'uncomfortable'
  8. I feel and see everything as dark and gloomy. Best way to describe it is like that feeling that my surroundings are similar to those in prison and that feeling I am in prison when IM clearly NOT. Im rarely happy coz of it. I dont enjoy anything. Does it sound like a symptom of schizophrenia?
  9. Im currently on 800mg of the seroquel xr. The problem is every morning i wake up i feel my head is spinning and i feel dizzy which i assume is from the dose of seroquel from the night before. I have to take the majority of the dose at night coz I don't want any sedation during the day. I was thinking about asking my pdoc if i can reduce the dose to just see if it stops the head spinning in the mornings but obviously at the same time i dont want the dose too be too low that my psychotic symptoms return. Which i want to ask: at which dose does seroquel start to act like an anti psychotic?
  10. What do you mean by boundaries? Walling yourself off is different than setting a framework for what you will/will not accept. I'm terrible at setting boundaries and people hurt me or take advantage of me and I let them, but I feel resentful afterwards. Saying "no" or just not letting out this massive flood of personal info so u get peoples bad reactions in ur face.
  11. Sorry for this edit: I feel putting boundries makes people respect you more and once they cant get the info out of u that they are looking for then u r a dead end then the heat is off u.
  12. Others when i accidently slip IT out after they ask whats wrong just have a big smile on their face. Or just say "you sound like an old man going on and on about it." Or "grow up"...
  13. When i look back I've had psychiatric issues since i was around 15. I still feel hurt by all that emotional abuse from others and feel disappointed by everyone and let down from people who were in positions of trust and power. Now I will NEVER trust anyone again coz of my bad experiences. Now i can't even enjoy watching movies, listening to music. I can't get over my past. When out in public i'm always on the lookout and expect people to be nasty to me. Things that bother me other people just blow off and move on. I talk about it to my psychiatrist and psychologist and they just tell me to MOVE ON. One of my workers told me "You are being childish all that bad crap was ages ago and those people aren't thinking of u.."
  14. Live in the here and the now. Forget about the past. Obviously 200 years ago no one on these boards were alive and those people who had no meds 200 years ago are dead and their future family now have medication. Next are u going to talk about people in third world countries who don't have shelter or food and then compare them to us and how much better off we are? If it doesn't affect you at present and has nothing to do with you and you aren't the cause of their misery and hardship nor were you alive at the time why think about it?
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