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  1. I find myself not having much of an appetite during the day but then around 3-4 PM I start to become ravenous... is anyone else feeling like this? I want to get a handle on it because I find myself overeating and making up for the lack of food earlier in the day.
  2. I am exactly the same way about this. It has been about 8 months since I was regularly exercising but I think my lack of exercise is attributed to my recent weight gain and extreme drop in body image. I'm also at a treatment center and exercising is not allowed... hopefully when I start to show improvement it will be added back in slowly for me. Right now I just take my dog out for little 10-20 minute strolls around the block - helps to clear my mind. I think just easing back into it but staying consistent is key. Overwhelming yourself and saying "I will commit to ___ minutes ____ times a week" will only make you feel horrible if you don't follow through. I just say that because a lot of time I set ridiculously high, unattainable goals for myself, like 90 minutes 6x a week which is not good for someone who hasn't been working out for almost a year!! Good luck!
  3. I went from a very, very low BMI and diagnosed as anorexic to now a BMI in the overweight range and I'm diagnosed as Bulimic and I also struggle with binge eating. Appearances don't matter when it comes to eating disorders. Eating disorders are just thought of by people without ED's as anorexia because that's the most apparent from the outside. EDs are awful because you can look normal or be overweight but have a horribly dysfunctional relationship with food and no one would even know it.
  4. Hey everyone. I am a diagnosed bulimic and I have major issues with binge eating. For my 5'4" frame, being over 160 lbs is torture due to my anorexic past of being underweight. Anyways, I realized I couldn't live like this anymore and just started doing the day intensive treatment program at the Renfrew Center in the US. Has anyone been to an ED treatment center? Did it help? I'm having issues sticking to my meal plan and not binging horribly at night, mainly due to my fear of going to bed on an empty stomach and insomnia-like tendencies. Anyways I started mid-week last week and would like any input from you all!
  5. Hi I'm just starting Lamictal, I'm only at 25 mg right now, but will be titrating up slowly as directed. What have been everyone's experiences who have been/are on it? Appetite loss/gain? Did it help at all to stabilize moods? When did you start feeling any sort of effect? I'm being taken off my wellbutrin because its just no longer effective. I am hoping my new Lamictal/abilify combo will help.
  6. I take it at night right now, but I have been waking up at ridiculous hours of the morning, like 3 AM, and have been unable to go back to sleep. Wondering whether its the abilify or my environment? Considering taking it in the morning now. Going to talk to my psychiatrist about it.
  7. Thank you for your input. My apologies for my impatience.... I've just been so, so down lately I am praying with my all that this will help me out and get me back to the Kate I feel like I am.
  8. Yes Geodon is an AP like Abilify. If this doesn't work then I will give Geodon a try... I've done Lamictal and now Abilify. Sorry if I seemed impatient
  9. Hello! I just added 2.5mg abilify in the evening to my 450mg wellbutrin and 400mg zonegram. I have been on the wellbutrin for about a year. My psychiatrist started me on the abilify because my wellbutrin has stopped working for a while now. When I started the abilify however, it is like in the morning when I take my wellbutrin, it feels like I'm back in the beginning stages when it felt so good! My appetite is nonexistent, I have energy to do things, I'm outgoing, happy and talkative. I start to get a little anxious around the late afternoon and the hunger pangs do kick in but I still have to really think about what I want to eat. This is a huge difference from me a couple weeks ago having suffered from binge eating disorder for a very long time now. Even my binges are majorly scaled down and almost seemed somewhat "forced" - it's a part of me I'm trying to let go. Anyways, I want to see if anyone else feels this way? Kate
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