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  1. Heya Minion Buddy! Just wanted to say "Hello!" and for whatever reason, you are un-followable on here! :( *cries*

  2. Just checkin' in! My Vraylar has worked out well. It's all good. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am OK.
  3. Apparently, I was delusional all last week. I remember all of it. I was pretty bad. Had friends suggest I go IP. I made it out alive with no IP.
  4. Heil, That is pure bullshit. She knows you well enough to give a script over the phone. All she has to do is call your pharmacy. It's Thursday. Does she really expect you to wait?
  5. People are stalking me on the two chat boards I am on. They will not stop.. I am just going to stay off chat. Doesn't matter. I start school on the 30th of October. I am having everyone that's important email me. Staying out of the spotlight will do me good.
  6. Well, I am no longer on one chat. I am sick and tired of being harassed about my spelling. I now have to slow down my wpm again, to 30, if I want to continue to use chat at this board I am on. I'm tired, depressed, and sad. I have hardly any friends. All the people I knew are on that board now.
  7. I am preparing for school also... I don't start until 10/16 for my block. I am not ready yet, because I will need to learn to write rhetorically, and other items. It's still English.... I will make it.. It's another general requirement that I will work on. 1 class at a time per term. It'll be great! Maybe philosophy during the Spring. Need to satisfy all the requirements before starting on the core of the program. I need to pass everything with at least a C in order to progress. I can do this.... I *will* do this. The reason I'm going back is to school is because the voices are not there. The Vraylar put everything to bed. No more voices. Not more complaints, no more threats, no more commentary. It works like a charm. Last time I was in school, I was nervous because of my meds not being right. But Vraylar changed the game. And now, nothing. I am actually able to think, without commentary about my day...I *will* be a Paralegal, one step at a time, 1 assignment a time, 1 class at a time.
  8. If its root remains undamaged and strong,
    A tree, even if cut will grow back.
    So too if latent craving is not rooted out,
    This suffering returns again and again.

  9. Though my body (brain) be sick, my mind shall not be sick.

  10. 'As I am, so are you; as you are, so am I. Come, friend, let us now lead this community together.’

  11. I am on Vraylar... Started a couple weeks back. It's worked wonders. No more stray thoughts, voices, and everything is calm. If it is activating, I haven't noticed.
  12. I told him flat out. Because they (the voices) had been around for a number of years (20 approx.), they let me tell him. It was a sad day. But at least I am able to work on it now, I have a wonderful treatment team. They understand my needs, even with new meds. I started Vraylar a couple of weeks ago, and it's done wonders.
  13. I am listening to an awesome song: Don't let the cover pictured above fool you! It's Psy-Trance. No words, just an awesome beat!
  14. Practice loving kindness....

    -His Holiness The Dalai Lama

  15. I ran into a good book on the concept of Suffering. Not your ordinary sense of Suffering, but Buddha's concept of suffering, through one of the multiple commentaries about his teachings. The book is by the Foundation for Buddhist Thought and is Called The Four Noble Truths. Fascinating book. I am trying to learn to meditate again. Very informational.
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