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  1. hey thanks to you all for the warm welcome look forward to getting to know you all...feel free to add me if you like
  2. there is no society it seems, online or otherwise that is without its prejudices...

    1. Indigo 'n dye

      Indigo 'n dye

      ...and that is an original thought??

    2. Screamingbutterfly


      Unfortunately no matter where you go there is always someone judging. The best thing to do is focus on those who you like you for who you are.

  3. i agree 100% with what you said about playing the villian...strange isn't it , somehow we have the ability to identify more with the dragon than with the shining night...
  4. Feel a little weird today..just floating around..existing..i hate being unfocused

  5. @ Cetkat When i say i feel like im in 3rd person view..its like i'm detatched from myself....like i'm only a mind walking around with no body..wherever i go its like a weird phase-ish feeling...I'm Psuedo-existing lol with only a bunch of clatter going on in my head. And i'm glad i'm not the only one thats over analytical...But it's usefull in some situations because it allows you to quickly dicern the truth of things..for eg. when someone tries to lie to you or hide something..or when solving riddles and stuf...but on the downside..it makes one quite judgemental..which is something i'm trying to work on.
  6. If you mean dreams that have very subtle disturbing content ...then ..oh yes... when i wake up its in cold sweat with heart palpitations...but i feel strangely calm... but the implications of subtle and disturbing things in dreams can be frightening even when your lucid and know that your dreaming...but try to confront it head-on...gets me through the day
  7. same here...but its hard to accept oneself...when your the only one doing the accepting...but you need to ..to focus and carry on...htrough the fire and through the storm...its the only way to survive...strange..in chaos...ive found clarity...or im batshit crazy you might like my blog..it has some interesting content that you may find useful...or entertaining pishaw! http://TheChimeraJournal.blogspot.com
  8. me too..its weird...its like we see layers and layers of meanings and interpretation that others don't are you good with solving puzzles and riddles like me?...it comes in handy then lol...and then people are aghast that you could have figured out something that seemed impossible to them Emperor i dont think its weird...im mean you see the world through your eyes
  9. Id share my story with you all eventually..but i never realy thought my story would matter...i was just always alone...i pushed myself forward with no support...i pressed on...against all odds it would seem..was thrown into a world of confusion and chaso...torn away from the little comfort i had and tossed into a world that was cold and cruel and unforgiving...thats basically the story of my life...its all ive ever known ...so that became me...fragmented between the unreality of myself and outside expectation...i had to bear the yoke of responsibilities far too complex for my age since childhood.. i just dont know who i am anymore...thats where my name comes from..chimera...its just so many pieces ive stitched together to form a collective picture .....but with time i learn with sensitivity i could always decern hidden meanings in things and be whoever and whatever i wanted because i felt like i had no identiy...i shaped myself into the thing i am today..im not perfect..not in the slightest...but im still breathing..with life theres hope... so here i am...feeling like a total and complete fool for ranting about myself..but i need people to talk too since i've never had that before ...so yeah and talking about being sensative...have you ever felt like you analyse everything around you...sucking up the information...or reading in between the lines too much? dunno maybe im not the only one...oh friggen hope not hahaha
  10. CetKat...its true what you say about...survival mode...I can relate to both your and Butterfly's points...im really greatful to have found this site...where i can just let my thoughts flow without worrying wether or not im being weighed and measured...and being in a sort of 3rd person mode...i've always gravitated towards the surreal, weird and wonderful...ever feel this way?
  11. denial...denial..and more denial...publicly ofcourse

  12. http://TheChimeraJournals.blogspot.com it's my blog...go and read it...it kicks ass
  13. As I was walking up the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. I wish, I wish he'd go away

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    Happidee DapIDeee DoOoO

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