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  1. I have trouble beceause of what I'm told is side effects of my schizophrenia medicine. They thought I had ADD when I was younger when it was really beginning symptoms of schizophrenia. I used to be in therapy until my therapist kicked me to the curb. She wasn't really helping anyway though.
  2. I've always wanted a career. Just something I'm good at where I can make some money. I've tried several trade schools, and I am soooo bad at paying attention. I can't learn anything. I'm actually better at teaching things to myself than I am learning with an instructor. I taught myself how to play the bass guiltar extremely fast, but some things need an instructor. For instance, if I were to learn to weld without an instructor I'd end up killing myself. I could also throw in the fact that I'm underconfident in my ability to do anything correctly, and I'm paranoid of people. I was thinking I would learn how to operate a CNC machine, as I have a high aptitude for mechanical ability and you're largely working on your own in that environment. But it's a damn complicated thing to learn and I don't see myself doing anything aside from pissing off the instructor if I tried to learn that. Not really sure what I should do here.
  3. Hi, I'm Josh. Came here for some help. Maybe I'll stay a while.
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