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  1. Omgosh I get so tired of people asking me why I'm not working! And up to this point I have done my best to explain how I feel when I'm working..like the need to perform at a superior level or how overwhelmed I get at the concept of routine obligation...but noone ever has understood besides my mother,father,and step-mother who is a nurse. They have done enough research to understand bipolar disorder and accept my limitations. However, after reading these posts I no longer feel alone in this struggle, nor do I feel obligated to explain! I like the reply that asked if you would compare a breast cancer patient with a prostate cancer patient. We all have the same sickness, but we are not all the same in symptoms and thinking and social functioning..I, too, experience guilt, boredom, poverty, and isolation with not working...but I will not allow myself to be bullied into seeking validation from others who simply don't get it any longer. Thanks, everyone, for your awesome and totally relatable posts!
  2. Thanks Megan, Motoko, and Claire ALL input is appreciated! I, too, have struggledwith weight gain on some of the meds, but my pdoc said that Saphris doesnt tend to make you gain in most people...also, I don't think I'll have to worry about the akathesia...I have been very tolerant of most meds..but thats just me being hopeful...lol. Again, thanks for the info and the welcome!
  3. Hi I'm new to the group and I am currently on Abilify, Prozac, and Trazadone....my pdoc wants to start me on saphris instead of abilify because my glucose and cholesterol is too high...Im curious to see if anyone is taking saphris and what their experience with the side effects are or were....any info helps..thanks in advance... Oh yeah, and I have bipolar I and borderline pd. but I dont know how to put the list of present and past meds on the bottom yet...Im going to be looking around to try to figure out the guidelines and such...bear with me please! Im 36, female, live in Texas, and have dealt with mental illness since I was around 12 yearsold but didnt get a diagnosis of anythig besides depression until I was about 31.
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